Russian Troops Come Out To Surrender Under White Flags In Kherson Region

Russian troops cannot withstand the onslaught of the Ukrainian army

On September 1, a video appeared on the net showing Russians surrendering to AFU fighters.

The information was published on the Telegram channel of Igal Levin, a military expert.

It was also published by a number of Ukrainian media outlets.

The video shows a man, whom the voices behind the scenes call a Russian, waving a white rag over his head.

The military is hesitating as to whether this is a trap by the Russian army. However, after consulting and carefully inspecting the enemy positions, they agree: the Russian soldier is indeed waving a “white flag”, signalling that he wants to surrender.

At first, the video was published with the remark that it was taken in Donetsk region. However, OSINT researchers carried out geolocation and learned that the event took place in Kherson region near the village of Pravdino.

Exact coordinates were given – 46.738065N 32.175623E: 800 metres from the village of Pravdino.

The village Pravdino is located in a “grey zone” halfway between Kherson and Mykolaiv.

It is noteworthy that there was no military equipment near the occupants. It is possible that the command left the personnel behind. This point was also brought to the attention of Ukrainian defenders.

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