Russian Tanks In Ukraine Massively Fall With One ‘Disease’

Very interesting shots have been posted.


The topic of Russian barrels continues to be no less relevant than the topic of ammunition. True, so far in a narrow context of consideration and without proper wider attention.

Meanwhile, a very interesting video was published in open sources, which depicts a train that evacuated damaged Russian equipment from Ukraine.

Interestingly, almost all tanks did not have serious damage to the hull, although there were such cases, namely, ruptures of the barrels, or chips, or signs of thermal deformation.

It should be understood that the barrel life of tanks is much less than that of artillery. And in most of the tanks introduced into the combat zone by the Russians, it is already almost exhausted. This is especially true of the main battle tanks, which were removed from storage, where they were not in the best conditions.

Of course, the barrel can be replaced. Modifications 2A46 are not uncommon. But the replacement process itself takes time, and this combat unit will be absent from the battlefield from several months to six months, or never appear at all.

It will never appear, because the technical and technological processes at Russian enterprises have significantly degraded over these decades, and whether they will be able to cope with such a massive flow to replace only trunks, without taking into account other repair work, is a question. But the answer is most likely no.

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  1. So, along with the numerous other maintenance issues that confronts mafia land’s material, the barrels are starting to wear out and must be replaced. This is due to the massive amounts of shells they’ve fired; one drawback to having so much ammo available. But, two things will hamper such prodigious use of ammo; one, is the lack of it and two, many of those tanks and self-propelled guns will never return to Ukraine.

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