Russian Ministry of Defence proposes giving out land in Crimea for service in the war with Ukraine


The Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has proposed giving out plots of land in Russian-occupied Crimea and in Moscow Oblast (Russia) to military personnel who receive awards for their service in the war with Ukraine.

SourceMedizona, a Russian news outlet, referring to the draft decree published on the official internet portal of legal information (an official website with the official text of legal acts of the Russian Federation)

Details: The decree will apply to military personnel and employees of some federal government agencies awarded for service in what Russia continues to call a “special operation,” and to combat veterans.

The Ministry of Defence has proposed to give them land free of charge in order to “extend additional social support”.

Since the beginning of its full-scale invasion in Ukraine, Russia has expanded the list of people who can qualify as combat participants. The list now includes military personnel taking part in the invasion in Ukraine, FSB employees who repelled armed provocations at the border, and civilian skilled workers, such as doctors and construction workers. [FSB, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, is Russia’s main security agency and the successor agency to the Soviet Union’s KGB – ed.]


  1. Now, that’s pretty conniving, isn’t it? First, giving something that’s not yours to give, and second, knowing that you won’t have it for long anyway. They get something for nothing.
    What happened to all the money they keep promising to the potential meat puppets? The mafiosi already stole it? It’s not worth the paper It’s printed on? It’s gotten around that no one sees any of it anyway?

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  2. Realistically as much as the cockroaches are subhuman, how many of these vermin would actually take that deal? They are vermin but they don’t want to be scraped off the bottom of UKIE Tank.

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  3. Of course a lot of the moskali have got some Ukrainian land, a lot of the cockroaches are buried in Ukraine, bits of them are scattered about the countryside, and some have passed through the Street Dogs and now occupy various plots of land.

    I look forward to the day when Ivan and Olga plus their two darling children are thrown out of their lovely Crimean house where they have spent a lot of money to make it their home, with a lovely Garden, and a Ukrainian service Veteran moves in while they are still there.

    It will doubtless still need an indoor Toilet though.

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    • Agreed. And now he wants to hand out land that isn’t his and during a time when Crimea is smoking, partisans are becoming bolder and Moskali are running home in droves. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer is he?

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