Putin ally: US dream of Russian breakup is road to doom


MOSCOW (AP) — A top Russian official accused the U.S. and its allies on Saturday of trying to provoke the country’s breakup and warned that such attempts could lead to doomsday.

Dmitry Medvedev, the deputy secretary of Russia’s Security Council chaired by President Vladimir Putin, warned the West that an attempt to push Russia toward collapse would amount to a “chess game with Death.”

Medvedev, who served as Russia’s president in 2008-2012 when term limits forced Putin to shift into the prime minister’s post, was widely seen by the West as more liberal than his mentor. In recent months, however, he has made remarks that have sounded much tougher than those issued by the most hawkish Kremlin officials in an apparent attempt to curry favor with Putin.

After attending Saturday’s farewell ceremony for former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, Medvedev published a post on his messaging app channel, referring to the 1991 collapse of the Soviet Union and accusing the U.S. and its allies of trying to engineer Russia’s breakup.

Medvedev alleged that some in the West would like to “take advantage of the military conflict in Ukraine to push our country to a new twist of disintegration, do everything to paralyze Russia’s state institutions and deprive the country of efficient controls, as happened in 1991.”

“Those are the dirty dreams of the Anglo-Saxon perverts, who go to sleep with a secret thought about the breakup of our state, thinking about how to shred us into pieces, cut us into small bits.” Medvedev wrote. “Such attempts are very dangerous and mustn’t be underestimated. Those dreamers ignore a simple axiom: a forceful disintegration of a nuclear power is always a chess game with Death, in which it’s known precisely when the check and mate comes: doomsday for mankind.”

Medvedev concluded by saying that Russia’s nuclear arsenals are “the best guarantee of safeguarding the Great Russia.”



  1. The seat warmer still believes the US caused the disintegration of the USSR and will do the same to russia. It’s a nice thought, but in reality, the USSR collapsed because it was a failed state. Putin is making the same mistakes and is guaranteeing the shithole will collapse from within, without US help.

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    • Do I understand this right that if the various independent-minded regions of Russia get what they want, Medvedev will nuke the USA? Does that little zit even realize nuking the USA won’t solve that problem for him? Talk about fantasizing every night, those Moscow Monkeys do every night about nuking the USA.

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  2. Certainly, they realize that this doomsday is their very own. The constant threats of the ruskies are akin to a drowning person, who thrashes and flails his arms around and screams and hollers just before he goes under.

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    • A smart person would see the US weapons and tactics used by Ukraine are in a different league than the russian ones and cut their losses. Unfortunately, Putler is far from smart, along with the horde of performing seals in the Kremlin, who won’t accept the truth.

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      • Putler is hopelessly stuck in the past. He really thinks that he can still win this war like Stalin did, by throwing men and material over the enemy until final victory. I can’t, and it won’t work this time.

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        • Putin doesn’t have as many bodies to pile on his military problems as Stalin had. As it is, Russia has never recovered from that war, or the damage caused by the communist regime. Internal problems brought the Soviets down, and Putin is playing the same sort of games, and causing the same problems that brought the USSR down. He’s far too stupid to see what he is doing, and the Ukraine mess is just usury on the loan.

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