Almost half of the equipment that the new units of the Russian Federation are equipped with is not combat-ready – GUR

Russia will be able to form a new army corps no earlier than November.

The Russian military is given non-combat-ready equipment / photo REUTERS
The Russian military is given non-combat-ready equipment / photo REUTERS

40% of the equipment that new Russian units are equipped with for the war in Ukraine is not combat-ready.

The representative of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Vadym Skibitsky said this on the air of the Military Television of Ukraine.

“40% of the equipment that new Russian units are equipped with is not combat-ready. Suffering military setbacks and catastrophic losses of personnel and equipment, Russia is trying to create new military units and formations,” he said.VIDEO OF THE DAYPlay Video

Skibitsky believes that a new army corps in Russia will be formed only by the end of November.

“The story with the third army corps will drag on until November. The problem is the human resource. Staffing with specialists. It takes 3-4 months to train a normal specialist,” he said.

At the same time, Skibitsky noted that the acquisition of equipment and weapons is also a problem, because all the latest equipment was in service with those battalion tactical groups that entered our territory in February-March.

“Now we see that all emerging units are being equipped with Soviet weapons, which are removed from storage bases and arsenals and enter the troops. According to our estimates, 40% of military equipment is not combat-ready. It needs to be repaired and put in order,” summed up the representative of the military intelligence of Ukraine.

As previously reported, the Ukrainian defenders took advantage of problems in the invaders’ army and managed to achieve tactical surprise .” Against this background, the leadership of the Russian Federation will have to choose where to transfer reserves.

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  1. If that stuff is already not combat ready, what will happen when they’ve been used for a while? For sure, the cockroach army has a huge logistics problem on their hand, alone for the myriad of different junk they’re forced to use, that span decades of manufacturing time period. The tanks it’s now throwing into battle have countless differences in mechanics and electronics, where available. The ammo alone is a huge logistic nightmare. The T-55s have a 100 mm rifled gun, the T-62 has a 115 mm smoothbore gun, and the T-64 to T-90s have a 125 mm smoothbore guns, and they all have different engines and trannies, and many other components that must be repaired or replaced. Add to this list the countless other ammo, rockets, armored, tracked and wheeled vehicles in use. The cockroach army will not be able to cope with all of these problems.

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