Ukrainian Military Pages: Goodbye to the military registration of women

The Ministry of Defense has changed its mind

The Ministry of Defense is clear that women are not needed on military registration, and the slogan “all women on military registration” has changed to “military registration for women should be voluntary.”

“The Ministry of Defense developed and submitted to the Verkhovna Rada proposals for changes to the Law of Ukraine “On Military Duty and Military Service” regarding the voluntary registration of women in the military register. We are currently working on the draft law together with the specialized committee on national security, defense and intelligence,” said Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar.

She also reported that the real experience of the deployment of military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to wartime states showed that, in reality, there is no need to significantly increase the number of women on military registration. At the same time, the Armed Forces still have a need for specialties and specialists in medicine, radio engineering, and food technology.

Therefore, in case of adoption of changes to the law, the General Staff will develop changes to the list of military accounting specialties for women and reduce the list to the optimal need.


In October 2021, the Ministry of Defense by Order No. 313 approved a new, significantly expanded List of specialties and professions after obtaining which women are registered as conscripts. The document entered into force on December 17, 2021.

The preliminary list was determined by the Resolution of the CMU No. 711 dated October 14, 1994. According to it, from 1994, women who received medical specialties, communication specialists, metrologists, meteorologists, cartographers and film and radio mechanics were to be on the military register.

Being on military registration implies a number of tangible changes in women’s lives — new duties, the failure to fulfill which will be punished with fines, as well as a number of restrictions that must be followed in life.

The order of the Ministry of Defense caused a real “information explosion” in society, and an electronic petition on the website of the Office of the President of Ukraine with the demand to cancel the new list of specialties for the registration of women gained the necessary 25,000 votes for consideration in just four incomplete days. As a result, the President instructed the Ministry of Defense to review the List.

Under such pressure, the defense department gradually “gives back”. In particular, the list of specialties for military registration of women was drastically reduced — from over 200 to 14 specialties and 6 professions, and the production itself was postponed until October 1, 2022.

Now the Ministry of Defense has completely given up, or rather understood that millions of women on the military register are not really needed and only paralyze the work of territorial recruitment centers, and the recruitment of military units at the expense of women will not improve.


  1. “Now the Ministry of Defense has completely given up, or rather understood that millions of women on the military register are not really needed and only paralyze the work of territorial recruitment centers…”

    Good! Streamlining and efficiency are what’s called for when fighting such a huge war, not bureaucratic monsters that bind up valuable resources. Those women who see themselves fit and qualified enough to participate will do so and have done so on their own. My Oksana was also on the registration list, in the medical field.

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  2. I readily admit that I’m conflicted. Ukrainian women are the backbone of Ukrainian society. I’ve heard stories of the heroism of Ukrainian women not just now but going back to WW2. Unless Russia is wiped out Ukraine needs a strong standing army just like Israel, where I don’t believe they exclude women from military registration. I have absolute confidence that Ukrainian women can kick the shit out of any cockroach. Now my caveat, I honestly don’t know enough to provided an educated opinion so what I say is from uneducated and out of school position.

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