Ukrainian defenders in the south destroyed more than a hundred occupiers and five ammunition depots

Five ammunition depots of the Russian invaders, dozens of pieces of equipment and 102 invaders were destroyed by Ukrainian servicemen in the south of the country.

As reported in the “South” Operational Command, our aviation made 18 strikes on command and support posts, warehouses with ammunition and fuel and lubricants, and logistics and transport facilities.

“Missile and artillery units worked out a number of fire missions on nine control points, two ferry crossings, two drone control points, anti-aircraft defense means and enemy concentrations. “Fire control over the Antonivskyi, Kakhovskyi, and Darievskyi bridges continues,” the OC “Pivden” emphasized.

According to the results of the combat day, the enemy lost 102 people, six tanks, a howitzer “Msta-B”, a rocket salvo fire system “Grad”, a mobile 120 mm mortar, eight units of armored vehicles. Five ammunition depots were destroyed in the Bashtan, Beryslav and Kherson districts. The drone control point in the Pravdyne district and the ferry crossing near Kozatskyi were hit.


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