Russia Denounces ‘Absurd’ EU Decision to Suspend Visa Facilitation

The Kremlin on Thursday denounced the decision by EU foreign ministers to suspend a 2007 visa facilitation deal with Russia over the conflict in Ukraine, and warned of potential countermeasures.

“This is bad for Russians. It will take longer and be more difficult to obtain visas,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters, saying this would “make the situation more difficult for Europeans as well.”

“Another ridiculous decision in a series of ongoing absurdities,” he said.

EU foreign ministers on Wednesday agreed to suspend the visa facilitation deal but stopped short of a wider visa ban as requested by some member states.

Foreign policy chief Josep Borrell said the move “will significantly reduce the number of new visas issued by the EU member states”. 

In February, the European Union restricted visas in certain categories for Russians linked to the Kremlin, including for officials, diplomatic passport holders and company bosses. But tourist visas were still permitted.

Ukraine, backed by some EU members, is demanding the West shut its borders to all Russians over Moscow’s sending of troops into the country earlier this year.

Some EU countries neighboring Russia have already moved to bar or limit visas to Russians, but no EU-wide ban is as yet in place.

Russian leisure travelers use Schengen visas normally valid across 26 EU and associated countries, including Switzerland and Norway.

The visas typically allow stays of up to 90 days in a 180-day rolling period.

Those 26 countries received around three million Schengen visa applications last year. Russians made up the biggest group, accounting for 536,000 of them.


  1. “EU foreign ministers on Wednesday agreed to suspend the visa facilitation deal but stopped short of a wider visa ban as requested by some member states.”

    Take a look at this video. This shows exactly why no orcs are to be allowed into civilization, let the fucking lot of them suffer in their shithole.

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  2. Bravo Kazakhs!
    Some readers may recall that I have repeatedly criticised the comedian Sacha Baron Cohen for “Borat”, his grotesque and extremely racist portrayal of Kazakhs. According to his character, they are a bunch of violent, Jew-hating trash who whore out their kids for a few dollars. If he had been more courageous and honest and made the character a RuZZian, it would have been funny because it would have been accurate.
    Kazakhs are good people who deserve to be completely disconnected from the “sphere of influence” of putlerstan.

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      • So if the character was named Burt and portrayed Dutch people as a bunch of violent, Jew-hating trash who whore out their kids for a few dollars, would you still find that to be amusing?

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          • How so? The character does not resemble Kazakhs. In fact he is far more like Russians in appearance and mannerisms.
            Borat is a stupid, uncultured, violent Jew-hating arsehole who pimps out his own sister for a few dollars. Bulgaria stands in for Kazakhstan and a Bulgarian actress portrays his sister. It is made clear in his sketches and movies that all people from Borat’s country are like him.
            Kazakhs are Asian, not East European.
            Wouldn’t you feel pretty insulted eg: if a British comic insinuated that ALL Americans are inbred, dumb-ass rednecks like the characters from that Burt Reynolds movie Deliverance?

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            • I never tried to disassemble the pros and cons of Borat’s moral character or the political correctness or wrongness of this ludicrous film and its storyline. It was freshly different and to me humorous. I appreciated the whimsical playfulness of flippant characterizations of ethnics in a world filled with countless, woke holier-than-thou moral apostles. I’m an adult, and this film hasn’t in the least made me a bigot, nor look down upon the Kazakhs or anyone else in any way.

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              • Facts, you saw one movie. He created this character many years ago on his TV show. It represents a sustained vile attack on a nation of people. The result being that millions of people now believe that Kazakhs are halfwitted bastards. Cohen obviously chose to attack them, rather than Russians or Iranians, because he would have been killed.
                He should fucking apologise.
                Remember I commented recently here about a Kazakh family I met, in relation to their holiday in Turkey and their experiences with Russian guests? Well these people were cultured, civilised people who were baffled about the Borat character. I found myself apologizing on behalf of my country for Cohen’s obscene insults. Just as I would do to you if Cohen had created an inbred redneck thug character that made out that all Americans are like that.

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                • I am from the south and have seen much more than enough negative characterizations about us “hicks”, “hillbillies”, “rednecks”, “country bumpkins”, “hayseeds”, “yokels” and so forth. We have names for everyone else too. But, that’s human nature, isn’t it? I don’t take it personally.
                  I can’t speak for anyone else, but for me, this movie never affected my attitude towards the Kazakh people. I’ve got to know some since the fall of the SU and they are great people, although there can be an asshole here and there, just like the rest of humanity. I never think about this movie when I interact with a Kazakh. It’s only a ridiculous movie and nothing else. If someone really does get influenced by it, then he or she obviously has deep-seated problems, akin to those morons who enjoy swallowing ruskie propaganda garbage.
                  These are my humble opinions, Sir Scradge, nothing more and nothing less.

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                  • Not all people are like you Frankie Facts. I love Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas and have traveled in all three. I found people in those states to be courteous, polite and kind-hearted. In California, which is more beautiful, the people are nowhere near as nice. I like to think that English culture still survives in the south. In California, the dominant culture is socialism! Ditto New York. Hispanics in the south are friendly. In California and NYC they are not. The contrast is even greater with African Americans. In the south, they are friendly to people like me. In California and NYC, they are hostile.

                    I have formed opinions based on my interactions over the years. In Britain, we take the piss out of each other; it’s a national characteristic. But we try not to take the piss out of people who don’t deserve it.
                    In the US is a foul putlerite broadcaster named Michael Savage.* One of the multiple ways that he insults Ukraine is to tell his listeners that Ukrainians are dumbass peasants who have been manipulated by the west into hating Russia. He tells them that Ukraine’s only industry is mail-order brides.

                    That is pure hatred. So is what Cohen does to Kazakhs.

                    In terms of appearance, the character resembled an Iranian or an Arab. In terms of prejudices, he most closely resembles a Russian.
                    Filming took place in poor areas of Bulgaria, which itself is insulting.
                    Cohen is an observant Jew, so it surprises me that he is so vicious about a blameless people.
                    Now, he could have made Borat a Palestinian, which would have fitted precisely both in terms of appearance and outlook.
                    I have traveled in both Israel and the Palestinian territories and Borat is a perfect fit. Furthermore, I would have laughed, because it would have been both funny and true.
                    This was an unwarranted and sustained character assassination of an entire people. Making money out of other people’s discomfort is not cool at all.
                    What Cohen is doing is analogous to the anti-Semitic cartoons produced in industrial quantities by shit hole countries like nazi Russia, Iran, Pakistan etc.
                    Savage* btw, is a Jewish-American with Russian antecedents. Like Cohen, he is an utter disgrace to the Jewish people.
                    *real name Weiner.

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  3. The only thing absurd about this decision is that it’s once again a watered-down effort from a weak entity that has too many members who are too cowardly, too greedy, and too shortsighted.

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