From the LinkedIn page of Inna Kosinska

Aug 31

According to the Illichiv Morgue, 87,000 dead were documented in Mariupol a few days ago. There is also a database of unknowns. According to the latest data, there were 26,750 such people. And there may be more because there are others. It is 1/7 Luxembourg’s population. However, even these figures are not final because there are still bodies in the yards and under the rubble.

Each time we learn more and more about the true horrors, the war still continues…

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  1. Any country doing business with putlerstan, or granting visas for RuZZians is part of the nazi war machine of RuZZia and is providing material and intellectual support for genocide.
    Ditto with individuals.
    Trolls; whether they are wankers in their mother’s basement, big time media trolls such as Carlson, Ingraham etc, or politicians such as Rand Paul, Trump, JeremIRA CorbLenin etc, deserve the same fate as William Joyce.

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