Collaborator Stremousov admits fleeing Kherson to Russian Federation: he calls it “business trip”

Ukrainska Pravda, Wed, August 31, 2022

After the start of active hostilities on the Kherson front and Ukrainian Armed Forces breaking through the first line of Russian defence, the collaborator Kyrylo Stremousov, appointed by the  Russians as “deputy head of the Kherson military-civilian administration”, fled to the Russian city of Voronezh. There he recorded his “motivational videos” that allegedly everything  is “under control” in the oblast.

Source: collaborator Stremousov on Telegram 

Quote from Stremousov: “My business trip to Voronezh was a success… Colleagues from Russia held an amazing workshop on communicative leadership in Voronezh…

The Kherson delegation, who were also present at the workshop, gained enormous experience in building communications with the society and social structures.”

Details: The collaborator reported that he was “in a hurry” to return to occupied Kherson, where he would start preparing for a sham referendum.

Apart from that, Yevhen Balytskyi, collaborator from Zaporizhzhia Oblast,  reported that he was going to “head” the Oblast while staying in the temporarily occupied Crimea due to “family reasons”.

However, later the collaborator deleted that post.


  • On 30 August, Ukrainian media found out that Stremousov, who had published a video about alleged failures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kherson Oblast, had recorded it while in Voronezh.
  • On 29 August, Kakhovka Task Force reported that Ukrainian defenders had destroyed nearly all large bridges near Kherson and had broken through the first line of Russian defence in Kherson Oblast.
  • As of the evening of 29 August, Ukrainian troops took back four villages in Kherson Oblast from Russian occupation, but the main “target” is the city of Kherson.


  1. So, while Ukrainian forces have started a major counterattack and are advancing towards Kherson, the cockroach appointed “deputy head of the Kherson military-civilian administration” thought it’s more important to go to a “business meeting”?
    What have we learned about ruskies? That’s right, they are blatant liars (besides other scummy things). Now, we also know that they are spineless cowards, for he is not the only one who’s gone to “business meetings” and such.

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  2. Very wise of him fuck off while he can, two possibilities, he vanishes into obscurity and lives off the money he has obviously stolen, or continues to ferment unrest while in hiding and one day falls out of a window.
    As scum like this never know when they have lost, I’m betting on the window.

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