Charity concert of Sergei Zhadan canceled in Italy: “Shameful and disgusting”

Diana Charodi 09:10, 09/01/22 UNIAN

The organizers told him that he could not raise money at the event, as it was against the laws of their country.

Sergei Zhadan at one of the charity concerts / photo
Sergei Zhadan at one of the charity concerts / photo

The famous Ukrainian poet and musician Serhiy Zhadan, who was born and raised in Kharkiv, is actively helping his country in such a difficult time. He and his musical group “Zhadan and Dogs” give charity concerts abroad, raising funds for various needs. 

However, the organizers of another event in Milan, Italy, forbade the Ukrainian during the event to raise funds to help Ukraine. The celebrity tried to explain that they do not collect money for weapons, but buy cars for the military for donations, but they did not make concessions. The concert was cancelled. 

On his Facebook blog, Sergei Zhadan was indignant at this situation, since Ukraine now “holds the framework of a free Europe.”

Sergei Zhadan published a screenshot of the correspondence with one of the organizers of the event in Milan / photo
Sergei Zhadan published a screenshot of the correspondence with one of the organizers of the event in Milan / photo

“Why did we cancel the concert in Milan? Because some Europeans continue to play pacifism and double standards, and sincerely believe that by protecting their lives and their country, Ukrainians violate some of their ideas about peace and harmony.

And those who try support their compatriots in the fight against rapists and marauders, are fascists and extremists. To be honest, it’s shameful and disgusting. While Ukrainians hold the skeleton of a free Europe, Europeans hang out lazily, trying not to get involved in politics. It seems that the 20th century did not teach everyone responsibility, “ – said the writer and musician from Kharkov.


  1. When I lived in London, I had charming Italian neighbours whom I frequently visited. TV was always connected by satellite to their channels; most of which, then and now being controlled by Berlusconi. I noticed on entertainment shows there was a disproportionate number of Russian guests.
    I asked my hosts why that was and the told me that Berlusconi was big friends with putler and they had reciprocal agreements.
    The warmonger and the whoremonger were and remain close.
    It seems like every other week in Italy a new fascist party with close RuZZian relations is launched.
    This is the country that frequently elected Alessandra Mussolini as an MP for Forza and various other fascist parties. She is of course the granddaughter of “El Duce.”
    Italians have long been poisoned against Ukraine by the many putlerite parties there unfortunately.
    The Italian Book of War Heroes is of course one of the most minuscule ever published. They feel safe where they are, knowing that other Nato countries will do the fighting for them if needed.

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