Soldiers! Watch your back!

Aug 31

Soldiers! Watch your back!

Information about the progress of Ukrainian forces will be severely limited for the next week. Where Ukrainian units are and what they consist of, is valuable information to Russia.

The most likely source of information damaging to Ukraine are embedded reporters working for media companies. On many operations in my past, I was compromised by the press. Several times in Northern Ireland, once at the Iranian Embassy in London and also on operation Mikado in the Falklands. Many of my friends can tell similar stories about other theatres of war.

The press might be friendly, but they are not the friends of soldiers in battle. They want a story and some of them don’t care who they sacrifice to obtain that story. If Ukrainian Generals are wise, they will impose a media shutdown and keep reporters at the rear until the Kherson operation is almost completed. Every aircraft that takes off, every truck that moves forward, every missile that is fired tells the enemy something of importance.

In qualification I admit that all reporters are not the same, but by the time one can tell the difference it is too late.

Let the soldiers win, let the enemy wonder and keep the front page for the victory!

Slava Ukraini.

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall


  1. He is absolutely right! Some reporters don’t care, but I think most are simply ignorant. The enemy might be stupid in many ways, but not totally stupid in everything. Valuable Ukrainian lives are at stake!

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