Russia removed most of Black Sea Fleet headquarters from Sevastopol – Zhdanov

Katerina Schwartz 04:00, 08/31/22 UNIAN

Before that, Russia changed the commander of the fleet, the expert recalled.

Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS
Vladimir Putin / photo REUTERS

Russia has transferred most of the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet from the temporarily occupied Sevastopol in Crimea to the city of Novorossiysk.

This was told by the famous military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

“Still, Putin removed the commander of the Black Sea Fleet. And most importantly, he was blamed for the loss of the flagship and the decapitation of the fleet. They tried to keep the new appointment of the commander of the fleet secret,” he said.

“And literally on the third day after his appointment, a Chinese drone hits the roof of the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in the city of Sevastopol . Moreover, it flies calmly, slowly, over the bay, they fire at it from small arms. The air defense does not see it. It calmly crashes into the roof, explodes “, added the expert.

It was after this, as the expert noted, that part of the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet was transferred to Novorossiysk. According to Zhdanov, after such an “incident” the new commander should be removed. 

Earlier it was reported that the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of Russia has changed. They became Vice Admiral Viktor Sokolov .


  1. Could it really be after all these years that they are finally leaving Ukraine and going back where they are supposed to be and promised to move in 1991? It feels like this is too easy but I’m enjoying the feeling…

    • I hope so. Novorossiysk is where they were building a naval base before Putin decided to engage in theft. Crimea has no advantage over Novorossiysk, and Novorossiysk has advantages Crimea does not have. Those advantages are serious given what it takes to support Crimea from Russia.

      Putin, I think, knows he’s going to lose his land bridge, and about the same time the Kerch bridge as well. Crimea will be utterly untenable for Russia when that happens. The only question is how much will Putin’s Orcs bleed in the process of losing them. Not much I hope as Ukraine has bled enough and Russian blood means Ukraine’s blood is also being shed.

      This is the “Great Patriotic War” for Ukraine and will be celebrated a long time before Christ returns to rule.

      • Well put Oh, and now that UA has taken the gloves off there will be a price to pay for any further belligerence on the part of the nazi invaders because they’ve shown for centuries they cannot be civilized and someone has to be their neighbors.

  2. Can it be? If true, this is monumental. Putting the Black Sea fleet headquarters there permanently was the major reason for the theft of Crimea (protecting ruskies was a lie for the gullible fools of this world). So, now they’re transferring it to Novorossiysk? This means that their confidence in protecting the base is next to zero, and perhaps that even the belief of holding on to the Crimea is waning.

    • That’s what I’m trying to say too 😉 This is too easy and they’re running away and leaving Crimea wide open for us. How many times has “Russia” lost in Crimea now? LOL But they know Kherson is falling and Melitopol will be next. Yeah, the Crimea parade awaits the heroes.

  3. Bit of shame in a way as I would have liked to see the rust bucket fleet captured and then sent to Indian beaches to be scrapped.

    If they have moved the so called fleet they must have taken ages to get the tugs needed.

    • We know how well Moskali read maps but I’m not sure they understand they won’t be safe in their new location either if we take Crimea back. The only advantage they will have then is they will be in Russia. But we both know they can’t behave very long and will probably shell UA again…but then we can return fire and if they use the base to attack that makes it a legal target. Let them patrol the Azov and Black seas on surfboards, I don’t care.

  4. Trolls used to claime NATO wanted Criema in general and Sevastopol in particularas a naval base. Maybe now the Russians will realize why NATO never was.
    They are to exposed, logistically dificult to supply and to close to enemy long range missiles.
    Basicly it is a pinata dangling into the Black Sea wiating for someone to wack it with a stick.

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