From the LinkedIn page of Daniel McAllister

Aug 31

Angela is mightily Pissed off. Putin promised her, her dacha in Crimea would be perfectly safe. He lied as usual , You should not have trusted him wiener schnitzel guys .



      • On the contrary Redders, it is full of primary source material from passionate pro-Ukraine professionals from Ukraine and in the UK, US and elsewhere. Of course much of it is simply commenting on the news, but I have also published several breaking news stories from people who are in situ. Dmytro Kuleba has an account, as do the Klitchko brothers.
        The Scandies, who considering their wealth have been mean as dirt to Ukraine, nevertheless contain a good number of strong supporters of Ukraine.
        You will see on their pages words like: “until Ukraine wins, my posts reflect my personal views.” (Daniel McAllister, a particularly passionate Ukraine supporter).
        LinkedIn exists purely as a tool to enable professionals develop their career. So it’s very decent of these people to give their time to help Ukraine.
        It’s impossible to set up a fake account, so the putlerites on there are a particularly woeful breed of filth; real professionals in real jobs in the west, who nevertheless support terror and genocide.
        Therefore it is up to people like Mr McAllister to counteract their putrid filth.
        Personally I would lock them up.
        A Ukrainian CEO put on her page: “ if I see trolls on here, I will write to their CEO to ask if the company thinks it is a good idea to employ people with such abhorrent views.”

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