From Euromaidan Press FB page

Aug 31

Good morning World! Good morning Ukraine!

A Latvian, an Irishman, a Georgian, a Canadian, an Estonian, a Brit. What do they have in common? They’re all fighters in the International Legion for the Defense of Ukraine, currently deployed in the north of Kharkiv Oblast.

Irish, Ireland: “Some people say we came here for the money. But that’s a lie. All of us paid our own way to get here.”

Tibon, Estonia: “The reason I’m here is because of our mutual neighbour. I’m from Estonia, and I know that they won’t stop in Ukraine. They’ll go further.”

Candyman, Canada: “They’ll move further, further and further. It should all end here, in Ukraine. Tyranny must be stopped!”

Stewart, UK: “Western tactics work well here. That’s what the Russians fear. They don’t like us or our tactics. They don’t like the way we fight or the way we’re organized. We brought our experiences with us and put them to good use. And, we all bought tickets to win the war. And that’s what we’re gonna do!… Am I tired? Yes. Will we fight for a long time? Yes. We all came here to win this war!

Photo: Ukrainian war correspondent Andriy Tsaplienko

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One comment

  1. A bunch of brave guys with a sense of righteousness and lots of dignity!
    Слава Україні!
    Слава всім його героям!

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