Armed Forces of Ukraine are moving to the outskirts of Kherson, Russians will only be saved by air mattresses – Zhdanov

Meanwhile, panic is growing among the invaders. The Russians understand that they are surrounded.

Ukrainian soldiers are already at a distance of 10 km from Kherson / General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine
Ukrainian soldiers are already at a distance of 10 km from Kherson / General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ukrainian troops are confidently moving towards Kherson . At the beginning of the day, they were at a distance of about 20 km from the outskirts of the city. Today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have advanced, but it is difficult to predict by how much.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov told about this during an interview with Natalya Moseychuk.

According to him, the General Staff has not yet commented on exactly how the front line in the Kherson region has changed. At the same time, CNN reports that there have been significant changes in favor of Ukrainian troops. Few specifics.

“There are more than 10 kilometers to Kherson. That’s for sure,” Zhdanov stated.

The expert noted that now the Armed Forces of Ukraine are “working” against an enemy group on the right bank of the Dnieper. This is quite expected.

“I predicted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine would systematically and methodically take out this grouping with the help of artillery, including rocket launchers, and aviation. It would be expedient. Now there is an interruption in logistics routes. This is what we have been observing for the third day … The only the problem now is to catch the ferry at the Antonovsky bridge. It is constantly moving. In order to catch it, you need a spotter on the spot who will tell you when it stops for loading or unloading,” Zhdanov said.

The expert stated that the Russian troops in the Kherson region were not only surrounded. They are also cut in half. Crossings across the Ingulets River were destroyed. There is no communication between the two parts of the enemy grouping.

Zhdanov stressed that genuine panic is already reigning among the occupiers, which is also confirmed by intercepts. The Russians understand that the bridges are destroyed, there are no escape routes, they are trapped.

“In fact, they (the Russians – UNIAN) feel what we felt in the Donetsk direction. We take them out of their positions. If possible, we will move forward. There are two options: either they flee or surrender,” he said.

Zhdanov recalled that a month ago, residents of the Kherson region told how the Russians, after strikes on the Antonovsky bridge, bought up all the swimming facilities. The occupiers who have stocked up with air mattresses have a chance of being saved. However, as the expert notes, it will be extremely difficult to cross the Dnieper, and almost impossible with ammunition and ammunition.

In the event of taking control over the right bank of the Dnieper, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will take under fire control the provision of the Zaporozhye direction of the enemy. 

“We are actually cutting off the ways of reinforcing this grouping from the territory of Crimea. And the terrain there is like that, if there are no settlements, then it is impossible to gain a foothold there. If our artillery takes the Russians out of positions, then we can gradually build bridges and transport our grouping to the left bank” – said Zhdanov.

According to him, Ukrainian military aviation is actively working in the Kherson direction, but Russian air defense in the region practically does not exist anymore.

(C)UNIAN 2022


  1. The stage of administrating many small cuts on the orcs is over, it seems. Now, we’ve entered the age of smashing them with all we’ve got.

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  2. “…There are two options: either they flee or surrender,” he said.
    There is one more, they can die.
    Black hornet may watch for the ferry and for orcs floating downstream on air mattresses and such.

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