Russia receives batch of Iranian drones likely for use in Ukraine – CNN

Russia receives batch of Iranian drones likely for use in Ukraine - CNN

30.08.2022 07:18

Russia has purchased and delivered to its territory the first batch of Iranian combat drones that will be likely deployed on the battlefield in Ukraine.

According to an Ukrinform correspondent, Joe Biden’s administration officials told this to CNN.

“The US assesses Russia is now in possession of weapons-capable Iranian drones that they will likely deploy on the battlefield in Ukraine,” the officials said.

It is noted that the Russians picked up the drones from an Iranian airfield earlier this month and transported them back to Russia in cargo planes in mid-August. 

“The US now believes that Russia has officially purchased and transferred the Mohajer-6 and Shahed-series drones — the Shahed-129 and Shahed-191 — back to Russia, likely for use in the war in Ukraine,” the officials said.

It is specified that these types of UAVs are capable of carrying precision guided munitions and can be used for surveillance.

“The US believes that Russia intends to import hundreds of them to use for air-to-surface attacks, electronic warfare and targeting inside Ukraine,” the officials said.

However, many of the drones Russia has purchased from Iran have already experienced numerous failures, so it is unclear how useful they could be for the Russians when deployed, the officials noted.



  1. Iran murdered Ukrainians and anti-regime Iranians with the missile attack on UIA Flight 752, on putler’s orders, in 2020. It was achieved with RuZZian Tor missiles.
    Now it wants to murder more Ukrainians.
    There is still an Iranian embassy in Kyiv. Shut it down permanently, together with that of putlerstan. All Iranians must be kicked out of Ukraine and all their financial assets seized.

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  2. Biden is planning to help Iran further by lifting sanctions. Atta boy you idiot. How the fuck did this idiot become President. Trump is equally fuckin nuts just in a different way. Is this really the best the US has to offer???

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