Has Ukraine not done enough?

From the FB page; Support Ukraine.

Daniel Craig McAllister.

August 30, 2022.


To prove to Europe that the Horde are a Potemkin nation that respects only strength and despises weakness.
That now is the time for Europe to stand as one undivided voice, one people, against a nation that hates everything Europe tries to aspire to, freedom, peace, justice for all.
Are some nations still so corrupted by the horde gold they have lost all humanity.
Do those nations till think they can run to their master in Moscow begging for crumbs and he will be magnanimous and forgiving. ?
Do those nations think they can stand in the shadows offering weasel words and watching crimes against humanity and soon it will be back to businesses usual? That is even more depraved than what the horde do now.
The whole Horde nation despise weakness and liberty they despise everything Europe stands for, you cannot beg favours from them and you can never trust them.
The horde nation must be excommunicated from modern democratic civilised society they have no place in it.

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