Even LinkedIn; an online community exclusively for professionals, has been polluted by kremtrolls

LinkedIn deleted all his previous posts and now he has to start again.

From the LinkedIn page of Igor Goncharenko

Aug. 29, 2023

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I was not posting anything for 4 weeks.
Why? My account was blocked. Blocked because there were so many russian trolls complaining on my profile and my posts.
There was also my fault – I posted a video, which did not correspond to the principles and policies of LinkedIn. Though it was showing the real truth, it was insulting.

I could never imagine that I would break rules of a distinguished international community (like LinkedIn). High morale and ethics were always as a “holy caw” for me – untouchable, unquestionable. I was tolerant – to race, sex, religion, food preferences, anything. The key thing was always human qualities of a person.

But then Russia invaded Ukraine on the 24th of February and started the war – the war, which is totally inhuman. It has ugly face and has no soul. It robs, rapes, kills innocent Ukrainian people. And it makes impossible to live as before, to act as before, to do “business as usual”.

So, I’ve changed. I don’t like all the changes, but it’s a question of our survival – survival of the sovereign Ukraine, Ukrainian culture, Ukrainian language, Ukrainian people.
I will further tolerate any race, sex, religion, but I know for sure now – I will never tolerate russia and the russians, who support the war. I cannot tolerate all those crimes and atrocities, made by russia on the Ukrainian land.

I know – we will survive. We will win. Glory to Ukraine!





Comment from Kira Alia:

“Igor Goncharenko: you are not alone in your experience. I understand. The social media platforms may delete and block …but the horrifying truth, the reality about Russia’s genocidal invasion of Ukraine is already out there for everyone to see and it won’t be stopped.
There is a saying in the West…’the horse has bolted!’. That means that the truth is now running wild so everyone will know.
Good that you are back online.”
Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦💙💛

One comment

  1. Note that Ukrainian LinkedIn professionals and others have “decapitalised” russia to highlight their contempt for its murderous and squalid fascist regime.
    Peter Hitchens chastised me for the same thing years ago when I decapitalised putin. He said “you have an extraordinary habit of decapitalising the names of people you don’t like.”
    I replied: “that is quite right peter; well-spotted.

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