Breaking News: Ukrainian Counteroffensive Underway in Kherson Region


Odeska Regional Administration: “It’s Official: The Battle for Kherson Has Begun.”

August 29. 2022

Having repeatedly announced plans for a counterattack on Kherson, it seems that today the Ukrainian army has begun implementing orders to liberate the South of Ukraine from Russian occupiers.

According to an operational group of Ukrainian troops, “Kakhovka,” on August 29, the Armed Forces of Ukraine broke through the occupying force’s first line of defense near Kherson, and the 109th DPR regiment withdrew from its positions. Russian paratroopers, who were the DPR regiment’s support, also fled the battlefield.

“Ukraine has a brilliant chance to regain the territories, with the help of HIMARS. Almost all the large bridges in Kherson have already been destroyed – the Russian army have been cut off from the supply of weapons and personnel from Crimea,” the message stated.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine have launched offensive actions in many directions in the south of Ukraine, the head of the joint press center of the Security and Defense Forces “South”, Nataliya Humenyuk, announced on Ukrainian T.V. news.

Explosions can be heard throughout Kherson region. Massive attacks on Russian bases in Beryslav and Nova Kakhovka, Kherson Region, have been recorded. There are also reports of strikes on Russian infantry.

Last month, with the help of Western weapons, the Ukrainian army bombed the main bridges and military bases of the Russian invaders, apparently preparing for the offensive in Kherson Region.

Earlier, British intelligence reported that the Russian occupiers could no longer use the two main road bridges to supply their forces on the western bank of the Dnieper in Kherson region. As a result, all deliveries to the Russian force of several thousand soldiers would have to depend on two pontoon ferry crossings.

American analysts also predicted that the Russian Federation was likely to lose its ability to defend itself against counterattacks in Kherson region.


  1. These words appeared this pm on the Kyiv Post official FB page:

    “Odeska Regional Administration: “It’s Official: The Battle for Kherson Has Begun.”

    But where or what is “Odeska?”

    Liked by 3 people

      • Could well be. Your Mrs will know. I can find no such entity as “Odeska Regional Administration.” It could be a typo. I think that it is fairly common for villages in the region of a city to have the ka or ska suffix added to the city name.
        I thought Ska was a rocksteady Jamaican dance music genre?!
        Maybe I’ll play some and drink some beer, as I feel in an optimistic mood!

        Liked by 2 people

          • Ok fair enough. At the time I was suspicious of this name, fearing there was some trickery involved and that possibly the KP had been hacked. Also I wondered why it had come from Odessa.
            It was and is such a huge story that I was trying to check everything.


  2. This is it! The week’s long preparations hopefully were sufficient to blow away ruskie positions with minimal Ukrainian losses and maximum roc losses.
    Слава Україні!
    Слава його героям!

    Liked by 1 person

    • The orcs are inflicting savage attacks on innocent civilians in Mykolaiv. Probably in revenge for Kherson.
      This hero city must get more protection very, very soon.
      Governor Vitaliy Kim posted a series of messages on FB. (Translation):

      “Creatures occupiers are also shelling residential buildings. There is a dead passer-by and civilians in the houses. Stay in cover. I ask journalists not to report anything – there is nowhere to hurry, double-check the information with your eyes. All services are running.

      The occupiers do not understand how severe the Nikolayevites are. Even during the shelling, public utilities began to remove rubble and clear the streets. Thank you!
      Glory to the APU!

      P.s. The enemy is preparing to strike again. I ask everyone to continue to stay in shelters. Do not travel in cars.

      They are shelling the city center. There are also rocket exits. We don’t leave the shelter. But all the same, my heart is joyful 🙂 we believe in the Armed Forces of Ukraine!”

      “Kherson D Day” will inspire them on I’m sure.


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