Ukraine’s Guns of August

His guest Michael Weiss’s article for yahoo :

This is the missile requested by Ukraine but officially denied to them by Jake Sullivan. :-


  1. It will never be able to figure out, how an administration can have so many pansies, seeing our important role in this messed-up world. There should be a law against having cowards in the White House. They are at least as dangerous as warmongers.
    There is always a spark of hope that Biden is doing more to help Ukraine than we are being told. I could easily forgive him for that, in this regard.

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    • It all depends on whether he’s secretly sent the ATACMS or not. If he has, I will take it that he is in fact serious about helping Ukraine win.

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      • This seems to be a very touchy subject. On the one hand, even this daisy administration realizes the importance of longer-range strikes, I would think, and on the other, they are too afraid about mafia land’s reaction. God only knows why they are so set on being afraid about this trash country’s military. It is a fact for me, though, that Ukraine has some sort of longer-range weapons.

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