The occupier proclaimed an anti-Ukrainian speech with the alleged skull of the defender of Azovstal in his hand (video)

According to the militant, “this is a war with an idea.”

Igor Mangushev / photo from social networks
Igor Mangushev / photo from social networks

The Russian occupier proclaimed an anti-Ukrainian speech from the stage in front of his colleagues, allegedly holding the skull of a Ukrainian soldier in his hands. According to the terrorist, it was the skull of one of the defenders of Azovstal .

The Rashist in the video is Igor Mangushev, who calls himself “an adventurer and political strategist.” He said from the stage that the territory of Ukraine must be completely captured, because there is a “war with the idea.”

“Our war is not just a war with people of blood and flesh. Our war is a war with an idea. With the idea of ​​Ukraine as an anti-Russian state. Why can’t there be any reconciliation? Ukraine must be de-Ukrainian. The Russian lands of “Little Russia” must be returned back. We are not at war with people. We are at war with the idea, “said the terrorist.VIDEO OF THE DAY:play video

According to Mangushev, the Russians do not care “how many” Ukrainian soldiers should be killed, and “how they should be killed.” The Rashist said that all carriers of the “idea”, which he had discussed before, must be destroyed.

The hall supported the occupier with a skull in his hand. One of the listeners asked: “Do you think he understood what the “Russian world” is?”

The video was commented by former US Ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul. He wrote on his personal Twitter account: “Disgusting. I hope all the self-styled “realists” watch this video and then try to explain to us again that this war is just a defensive/preventive/rational/logical “special military operation” aimed at stopping NATO expansion and has nothing to do with imperial ideas and identity.”

Recall that Russian soldiers have repeatedly been marked by atrocities against Ukrainian defenders. For example, at the end of July, a video appeared on the Internet in which a rashist cut off the genitals of a prisoner in Ukrainian uniform with a clerical knife. Investigators were able to identify the kat.

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  1. That is the authentic voice of putler and the authentic voice of RuZZia.
    Or to be more precise, the authentic nazi voice of those RuZZians that support putler’s genocide: somewhere between 40% and 70% of the population; purely at a guess.

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  2. Ithink the SOF/Partizans have a new target.
    Any method will do but pay them bonusses if they can breing his head back.
    Don’t be barbaric and wave it around. Just so it is missing.
    The message will be clear:
    Don’t Fuck with Ukraine!

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