Russians use high-precision missile to destroy public toilet in Kherson Oblast

Invading Russian forces have destroyed a public toilet in Kherson Oblast with a Kh-59 high-precision air-to-surface missile, the Ukrainian military’s South Operational Command said in a Facebook post on Aug. 28.

“The enemy has purposefully destroyed another public toilet on the outskirts of Novovorontsovka with the use of the Kh-59 high-precision air-to-surface missile launched from a Su-35 fighter,” the report says.

The command noted the Kh-59 missile costs several thousands of dollars.

While saying this was the second Russian missile strike on a public toilet, the command gave no details of the previous incident.


  1. Maybe the Ukrainians ought to spread public toilets out across the landscape, thus saving itself the trouble of having air defense systems.

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