Russians shell Energodar: a fire started in the city (video)

Cars are burning in the yard of one of the houses.

Energodar is under fire again / photo from social network
Energodar is under fire again / photo from social network

The mayor of Energodar, Dmitry Orlov, says that the Russian invaders are shelling two microdistricts of Energodar .

He announced this in his Telegram channel .

“Energodar, the third and fifth micro-districts – shelling! It is preliminary known that one of the apartments of the house on the street of the Internationalist Soldiers got into one of the apartments! Information about the victims and the extent of the destruction is being specified,” the mayor stressed.VIDEO OF THE DAY:play video

He added that glass was broken in places in neighboring houses. There is also a fire in cars parked in the yard.

“Adhere to the rule of two walls and in no case go near the windows during the shelling!” Orlov addressed the residents of the city

As UNIAN reported earlier, Energodar is under occupation. Also, since the beginning of March, Russia has controlled the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. The invaders repeatedly fired at the territory of the station and even  damaged a number of objects .

According  to  The Wall Street Journal, they keep more than 500 of their military and equipment on the territory of the power plant and create trenches around it.

On August 25, for the first time in history , Zaporozhye NPP was completely disconnected from the power grid .

According  to Ukrainian intelligence , the Russian invaders are making final preparations to connect the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant to their grid.

(C)UNIAN 2022

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