PETER HITCHENS: A long war in Ukraine will bring nothing but death, poverty and ruin. It’s time for peace

Warning: the following is a kremlin propaganda piece disguised as an article:


  1. Do not be fooled by the passing reference to putler’s “villainy.” He’s been inserting something like that in his articles for the past twelve years, in order to evade accusations of being what he undoubtedly is: a kremlin shill.
    We can expect US analogues like Carlson and Ingraham to be making similar “peace” (aka surrender) proposals in the coming days.

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      • Hitchens is the son of a Royal Navy Admiral. He became a Trotskyist at university, then joined the Labour Party. Then he joined the Tories, who hated him because he had already become very right wing. He left them to be an “independent”, which is code for a full on putlerite. To its eternal shame, The Mail gave him an outlet. He’s been pumping out putlerite shit since at least 2008. He has an intense hatred of Saakashvili, as well as Cameron. More recently he has been spewing out anti-Boris hatred.
        He had a brother : Christopher, who did very well in journalism in America and was respected. Chris was a centre leftist; quite decent in a way. He hated putler and so the brothers rarely spoke up until his death.
        Hitchens lived and worked as a journo in 1990’s Moscow and still has friends there. No doubt some have since achieved middle to senior positions in the putler regime.
        He is worse than Dugin because he is far more clever; never comes out publicly as a putinazi, because that would endanger the enormous salary they pay the bastard.
        Mind you, the hundreds of thousands he makes are peanuts compared to what Fox pays to their in-house pair of putinoid scum; Carlson and Ingraham.

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  2. He doesn’t need to disguise his pro russian feelings, it’s right there in the opening paragraph where he talks about Kiev. This not only proves he is a russian lover, but also shows he is disrespectful to Ukraine. I notice the comments are turned off for this Kremlin propaganda, I guess he doesn’t like listening to the truth.

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    • He has a special system for comments: you have to go to his blog page and log in. He used to self-moderate and I saved some of my exchanges with him.
      He now has his own mods, which have banned me, but allow any number of arse-licking putlerite scum on there.
      None of this would matter normally. But it really does matter very much because The Mail is a HUGE site.
      Personally I think he should suffer the same fate as William Joyce. Same goes for JeremIRA CorbLenin, Carlson, Jones, Ingraham, Savage etc etc.

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