In occupied Mykhailivka, “chief of police” found dead

 27 AUGUST 2022


A collaborator who called himself the “chief of police” was found dead in temporarily occupied Mykhailivka, Zaporizhzhia Oblast.

SourceUkrinform, citing the Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration

Quote from the Oblast Military Administration: “We confirm the information that Andrii Ryzhkov, who called himself the chief of the police of occupied Mykhailivka, was found hanged in Mykhailivka.”

Details: According to Ukrinform, Ryzhkov was once a Ukrainian border guard.

After his retirement, he founded a public organisation with the patriotic name “border guards of the Mykhailivka region”. He appealed to the invaders and offered himself as the “chief of police”.


  • On 24 August, in the temporarily occupied village of Mykhailivka in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, the Russian puppet leader Ivan Sushko was killed in a car explosion.
  • On 26 August, an explosion occurred in occupied Berdiansk, Zaporizhia Oblast, and the so-called “Deputy chief of the traffic police” of the city, Olexander Kolesnikov, died from shrapnel wounds.
  • On 23 August, it became known that in Kherson Oblast, a collaborator who held the position of “deputy” of the so-called “head of the department of internal policy” Ihor Telehin, was blown up but he survived.


  1. “…Andrii Ryzhkov, who called himself the chief of the police of occupied Mykhailivka, was found hanged in Mykhailivka.”

    Did he get “help” in the hanging, or did he see no other way out of his dilemma, seeing that Ukraine will soon retake the region? How many collaborators are biting their nails with fear and regret, having sold their souls to the devil?

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  2. Karma can be a real bitch. These collaborators should be in fear as sure as can be the cockroaches don’t give a damn about them. But our guys have a nice warm bullet waiting for them for the death and destruction they caused.

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