Explosions, gunfire heard in Russian-occupied Melitopol – mayor


Loud explosions and gunfire were heard in Melitopol, a southern Ukrainian city temporarily occupied by Russian forces.

Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov said this in a Telegram post, Ukrinform reports.

“Right now, enemy gunfire and explosions [are being heard] in the northern part of Melitopol, near vocational school No. 24. They are so loud that they can be heard even in the neighboring villages of Tambovka and Myrne,” Fedorov wrote.

He noted that, according to preliminary reports, the enemy has been unsuccessfully trying to shoot down a Ukrainian drone for 30 minutes.

Earlier reports said that one of the largest enemy military bases had been destroyed in Melitopol.


  1. “…the enemy has been unsuccessfully trying to shoot down a Ukrainian drone for 30 minutes.”

    That’s too funny. The cockroaches are obviously very nervous after their large base was destroyed, and so they are wasting masses of ammo to try downing a little ole drone.
    Ukraine should not only place mobile toilets across the landscape to attract ruskie missiles, but fly masses of cheap drones to make the cockroach foot soldiers waste small arms ammo.

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