The Pentagon signed a contract for the purchase of NASAMS for Ukraine for more than 180 million

It is expected that these systems will be provided to Ukraine in response to the need for protection against advanced air threats.

NASAMS consists of a radar, an advanced air-to-air missile and a fire distribution center / photo: KONGSBERG
NASAMS consists of a radar, an advanced air-to-air missile and a fire distribution center / photo: KONGSBERG

Raytheon Missiles & Defense, a division of Raytheon Technologies, has been awarded a $182 million contract to develop the National Advanced Air Defense Missile System, also known as  NASAMS , a highly adaptable medium-range air defense solution.

These systems are expected to be provided to Ukraine in response to the need for advanced air threat defense, according to a statement on the company’s website.

“Raytheon Missiles & Defense and our partners are working diligently to quickly deliver this critical, proven air defense system to help the Ukrainian people defend their homeland,” the company said in a statement.

Ukraine will join a dozen countries around the world that rely on NASAMS to counter a variety of threats, including cruise missiles, aircraft and unmanned systems.

Jointly developed and manufactured by RMD and Norwegian Kongsberg Defense & Aerospace, NASAMS consists of a Sentinel radar, an advanced medium-range air-to-air missile and a KDA fire distribution center. NASAMS provides airborne defenders with an adaptable state-of-the-art defense system that can maximize their ability to identify, engage and destroy current and emerging enemy aircraft, drones and new cruise missile threats.

Recall that earlier in the United States they clarified whether ATACMS missiles were included in the new package of assistance to Ukraine.

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    • What he’s doing is great, no argument. But what he’s not doing is the worry. His two key advisers would presumably be Jake Sullivan and Lloyd Austin. Decent enough guys, but both seem reticent; at least in public, about taking a harder line with putler.
      Gen Austin hasn’t said much lately; he should speak more often. When he does, it comes over well. This was back in April:

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      • I think the Pentagon is not the bottleneck. I think they are among the most hawkish.

        I indeed think Jake Sullivan is the biggest coward that has a bad influence on Biden.

        If you check his Twitter he only seems to care about Africa and other “minor” conflicts (African conflicts are among the most deadly, don’t get me wrong) that do not have the potential to become a true world war and to have major spillovers.

        It is cool that he speaks about forgotten conflicts, but I cannot recall any nuclear power plants in Ethiopia or intercontinental missiles.

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