A prisoner who died in Ukraine was buried in Karelia He had another eight years to sit, but he agreed to go to war

In Petrozavodsk, a funeral was held for 44-year-old prisoner Yevgeny Eremenko, who was recruited to participate in the war in Ukraine. The mother of the deceased Tatyana Koteneva and her friend Marina Gorodilova told about this ” Mediazona “.

In 2020, Eremenko was sentenced to 10 years in prison in a case of extortion on an especially large scale. He served his sentence in the Petrozavodsk penal colony of strict regime No. 9.

At the end of May, Eremenko stopped calling his mother from the colony, although he usually contacted her every week. On June 14, he got in touch, unexpectedly saying that he was temporarily transferred to another region. Eremenko did not tell his mother that he was going to Ukraine, because he knew that she would be against it, Koteneva believes.

“I would probably raise everything – a tantrum, all this, in order to prevent this. She would run and lie down as bones in the colony. But I could not get into his head … He is a grown man. He just said, “Mom, don’t worry. What I do, it’s necessary,” the pensioner said.

According to her, a week after the conversation, Eremenko sent an SMS message to a friend in which he asked him to tell his mother that everything was fine with him. He also said, the woman claims, that the prisoners are still on the train, where “even their watches have been taken away.”

On August 14, two men came to Koteneva and said that they were “from Zhenya.” Their names are not indicated in the Mediazona material, the mother of the deceased prisoner called them “young people”. They didn’t tell her who they were. “Young people” informed Koteneva that her son had died, handed her  Eremenko’s award and a certificate of his death issued in the self-proclaimed LPR.

The document, according to Koteneva, says that Eremenko died on July 24 in Bakhmut, Donetsk region. This city is under the control of Ukraine, all summer there are fights for it.

“Young people” also said that the body of the deceased was “in an iron coffin in Leningrad, in Pulkovo.” To additional questions, they answered that “everything is classified.”

On August 18, Eremenko’s body was brought to Petrozavodsk by a private driver, to whom Koteneva paid 26,000 rubles. The funeral took place the next day, Marina Gorodilova, a friend of the prisoner’s mother, said. At parting, she noticed “two strange guys” who stated that they knew the deceased.

According to her, the day after the funeral, Koteneva again met with “young people”, and a few days later she said that she was compensated 145 thousand rubles for the funeral.

The administration of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Karelia did not respond to a request from journalists about how Yevgeny Eremenko ended up in the war in Ukraine eight years before the end of his term.

According to Mediazona, Eremenko was recruited by Wagner PMC and ended up in Ukraine along with mercenaries. Since July, the media have been writing about the fact that prisoners are being recruited in Russian colonies to participate in the war, including as part of PMCs . In some colonies, as reported , Yevgeny Prigozhin, a St. Petersburg businessman who is associated with the Wagner PMC, personally came.

Recruiters also came to IK-9 in Petrozavodsk, where Eremenko was serving his sentence. One of the convicts and local lawyer Ivan Varfolomeev, who represents the interests of ten prisoners from IK-9, told about this to Mediazone. The lawyer admitted that the recruiters could be from the Wagner PMC.

At the end of July, Important Stories reported that at least three prisoners of the St. Petersburg IK-7 Yablonevka recruited by the Wagner PMC were killed in the Donbass. Two more convicts from this colony were injured and were hospitalized in Luhansk. At the same time, their medical documents do not contain names, but pseudonyms.

According  to media reports, among the dead was Konstantin Tulinov, who collaborated with the administration of the Kresty pre-trial detention center and beat fellow inmates. Director Nikita Mikhalkov in the next issue of his YouTube show “Besogon TV” presented him as a hero.

(C)MEDUZA 2022


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