Military Expert: Ukrainian Fighter Jets Can Shoot Down Russian Planes In Belarus

Weapons capable of striking the occupiers’ airbases have been named


Military expert Roman Svitan has explained whether fighters from Ukraine can hit Russian planes on the territory of Belarus, from where they bomb Ukrainian civilian settlements.

Belarus has deployed a very large and powerful air defence system to the borders, while the Ukrainian planes are still armed with old missiles with a range of up to 70 kilometres.

Military expert Roman Svitan said this on the air of 1+1.

“There is such a possibility. Our planes are armed with old missiles at the moment. The kill zone is up to 70 kilometres. Nevertheless, these missiles can shoot the aeroplanes, but a very large and powerful air defence system has been recently deployed in Belarus. S-300s, C-400s have been brought in. We hear it all the time. And it is unlikely that our aircraft can approach the range of their missiles. Therefore it will be possible to work on the planes that operate in Ukraine from the side of Belarus either with the supplied aircraft or new F-15s, F-16s that are promised or a squadron of Mig-29s. These machines can already carry good weapons. With these missiles we will already be able to shoot down the planes on the territory of Belarus,” the expert said.


  1. A key role to allow Ukrainian aircraft to attack ruskie targets in Belarus are the HARMS missiles. Taking out the enemy’s radar systems will blind them, making all those air defense systems inert.

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