Important decision of The Pentagon

From the LinkedIn page of Maryna Chekh, Aug 26

The US military mission to support Ukraine will receive its name and commanding general, The Wall Street Journal.

This will be done in the coming weeks. The general will lead the training of our military personnel and the procedure for providing assistance to Ukraine.

This fact formally indicates that the United States is involved in specific hostilities in Ukraine, even if the US military is not fighting on our side.


#military #training #ArmUkraineNow #StopRussianAggression

Ukrainian MP Oleksii Goncharenko said on his FB page:

(Translation) :

‼️Important decision of the Pentagon!

In the near future, the operation in Ukraine will receive a name and a general will be appointed to command it. Russia certainly did not expect such a step. The United States once again expresses support for Ukraine and stakes on us.

Meanwhile, Skabeeva has received new training manuals and howls intensely – she says that Russia is already destroying NATO. And soon NATO will come to an end. Just a little more patience.

I explain in more detail about all the hysteria and what the Pentagon’s statement means in the video:

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  1. Destroy NATO? With what? Meat puppets? Ms. Scabby should realize she is trying to raise expectations with people that will never see such an outcome and will be forever disappointed. Besides, anger is a sure sign of a flailing and dying regime. If they used 200,000 orcs to occupy a small chunk of land how will they fight NATO? More reason to fire into Mordor to keep Ukraine safe. We should send a couple of cruise missiles into Moscow and St. P. as a message to inform them of the storm that is coming.

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