Explosions ring out in occupied Kherson; Telegram channels publish videos of strikes on Antonivka bridge


On the afternoon of 26 August, explosions rang out in occupied Kherson. The occupying “authorities” claimed that air defence systems were operating, but local Telegram channels published videos of new strikes on the Antonivka Bridge.

SourceSuspilne on Telegram, Kherson Telegram channels, Kremlin-aligned news agency RIA Novosti

Details: According to RIA Novosti, there were about ten air defence volleys over Kherson.

At the same time, anonymous Kherson Telegram channels began publishing photos and videos of a new attack on the Antonivka bridge.


  • On the night of 26 July, Kherson Telegram channels were reporting explosions in the occupied city, with Antonivka Road Bridge allegedly being hit. 
  • Later, Kyrylo Stremousov, a collaborator with the occupiers in Kherson Oblast, said that the Antonivka Road Bridge over the river Dnipro in Kherson was damaged after an overnight attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 
  • A video from the Antonivka Bridge showed extensive damage after the attack by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the night of 26 July.
  • On the night of 7 August, the Armed Forces of Ukraine hit the Antonivka and Kakhovka bridges in Kherson Oblast.



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