US to appoint commander of its “operation” in Ukraine soon – WSJ

The name of the mission is also expected, which is of great bureaucratic importance.

The United States will appoint the commander of its "operation" in Ukraine / photo getty images
The United States will appoint the commander of its “operation” in Ukraine / photo getty images

In the coming weeks, the US plans to name its military mission to support Ukraine and appoint a general to lead the training and relief efforts.

As the WSJ reports, the naming of a mission is of great bureaucratic importance, as it usually entails its long-term dedicated funding, the possibility of special pay and rewards for military personnel participating in these efforts. 

The operation’s name formally recognizes US military efforts, similar to how the Pentagon previously dubbed missions in Iraq and Afghanistan Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, and Freedom Sentinel. 

The choice of the general, in turn, reflects the desire to create a team responsible for coordinating US assistance, as well as to move from a one-time effort to train the Ukrainian military to a multi-year assistance program.

As UNIAN wrote, on August 24, the United States announced a new (19th since the Russian invasion of Ukraine) aid package for a record $2.98 billion. 

It was reported that the funds would go to finance the purchase of weapons and ammunition from defense contractors (the weapons in most previous packages came from US stockpiles). 

Some defense companies may provide some munitions in the coming months, but US President Joe Biden’s administration has said receiving the weapons promised to Ukraine would be a “multi-year investment” and some weapons could take up to three years to deliver, according to Defense Department officials.

The package included  air defense systems, unmanned aerial systems, artillery systems and radars. 

We are talking, in particular, about six additional national modern NASAMS anti-aircraft missile systems with ammunition for them, thousands of ammunition for 155-mm artillery systems and for 120-mm mortars.

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