Exploding potatoes?

From Robin Horsfall on LinkedIn.

Aug 25

Napoleon said ‘An army marches on its stomach’. This is as true today as it was during the Peninsular wars.

At this moment the Russian Federation has up to 25,000 men on the west side of the Dnipro River who need to be fed. It is highly likely that they have already stolen livestock, commandeered civilian stocks and robbed supermarkets but 25,000 men need a lot of food and that food must be delivered daily to prevent an army from starving.

There is no route across the Dnipro that is viable for heavy vehicles or train transports. Kherson is essentially under siege. Ukraine is concentrating its efforts against logistical support systems with great effect.

Media attention has focused on the destruction of ammunition depots probably because they explode and are more interesting than damp, out of date rotting potatoes. In effect though, the potatoes are going to be a big part of the lever that moves the Russian forces situated in Kherson.

Men living out of doors and working hard need about 4000 calories a day. Even in concentrated forms this is an enormous undertaking. Transport, fuel, drivers, route clearance, establishing depots, storage facilities and distribution are all part of the job of feeding an army. All this has to happen under the threat of air and artillery attacks.

UA forces are being fed by the western nations, their supply routes and air space are relatively secure. UA soldiers can eat! When the temperature drops the food requirements increase.

The downside is that Russian soldiers will starve the civilian population to feed themselves and then blame Ukraine for the suffering of their own people. This is the mentality of ‘You made me rape you.’ There is only one rapist in this story, the Russian State.

Hungry Russian soldiers won’t fight well. Hungry civilians will resist. Prisoners on the other hand will be fed. Ukraine will starve the hungry bear and send it back across river.

Slava Ukraini!

Who Dares Shares.

Robin Horsfall


  1. The orcs have proved themselves to be subhuman savages. The more difficult life becomes for them in Kherson, the more terrible it will be for the innocent citizens.
    It is therefore essential that the allies give the defenders everything they need to retake Kherson before winter.

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    • As winter does approach, AFU will require different personal gear. Already I’m hearing requests for more boots. Soldiers will also need poly-pros or something similar, tactical gloves, coats, and multiple pairs of socks and underwear. They will also need things in season appropriate color patterns of camouflage.

      I agree Sir Scradge that as the orcs suffer they will make the population suffer. Kherson at the very least needs to be in Ukrainian hands before winter. I hope and pray many other villages and towns are retaken before then also so people can get the help they need and be freed from putler’s demonic hoard.

      Slava Ukraini!!!
      Heroyam Slava!!!

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  2. Autumn brings many interesting hedgerow and field fruits, along with woodland fungi.

    Just a suggestion, I think it would be most unkind of the local Ukrainians to let the moskali scum go hungry.

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  3. This is what we’ve been saying all along. An army needs not only ammo and fuel, but many other items as well and it’s indeed a huge undertaking to supply 10, 15, 20 thousand or more troops and their vehicles. Those two pontoon bridges are by far not sufficient, the ferry even less.
    It’s unfortunate that the civilian population will also suffer. However, they’ve been told weeks ago already to leave the area. Starving the enemy is an essential facet of the overall plan to get rid of them. It’s a must!

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