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Jack Swindle. Aug 21

🇺🇦 Day 178 of the war in Ukraine!

‘Teaching Children To Hate’: Russian Occupation Officials Preparing To ‘Russify’ Ukrainian Schools

Children in Ukraine always start school on September 1st. Melitopol and many other cities that are now under Russian occupation and control are facing unimaginable difficulties. Russia brought their own teachers to teach Ukrainian children Russian language, Russian programs and anti Ukrainian propaganda. Of course, Ukrainian parents don’t want their children to be forced to learn this nonsense. They want their children to learn remotely or with Ukrainian programs. The Russian occupiers are now going door to door threatening parents, trying to force all Ukrainian school children to learn Russian ways. They are telling the parents that if their children don’t attend Russian schools then their children will be taken away from them. What would we do if we were faced with that situation?

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  1. Some things are difficult to imagine unless you’ve lived it. Best case would be to get family out of occupied territory. You could try to hide the kids but for how long would that work. Could home educate letting them know there will be a lot of trash to sift through and disregard from their so called instructors at school they have to attend, but how much harassment and humiliation would they be subject to or what kind of deranged punishments would they endure in such a toxic environment. Could make a plan to ambush when they came knocking but how far would you get without loss of life of you and your family. Or if stopped then have you and your family detained and tortured. It grieves me knowing that already people are facing such witchcraft from the ruZZian occupiers. May God help them and show them the path to take.

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