US trains Ukrainian pilots on A-10 attack aircraft – Time

Violetta Orlova 09:27, 21.08.22 UNIAN

In the room, five Ukrainian pilots were trained on simulators.

American media previously wrote that Washington is considering the transfer of A-10 / USAF to Ukraine
American media previously wrote that Washington is considering the transfer of A-10 / USAF to Ukraine

A group of Ukrainian pilots is being trained in the United States. According to American journalists, the military is trained on A-10 attack aircraft .

This is stated in the material TIME .

Journalists were reportedly allowed to visit a secret pilot training center last month on the condition that they wear a blindfold.

Already on the spot, the reporter saw posters with A-10s and the inscription: “Keep calm and destroy Soviet tanks.”

In the room, five Ukrainian pilots were trained on simulators. Each computer has a realistic control stick, joystick and virtual reality goggles.

The American media previously wrote that Washington is considering the transfer of old A-10 attack aircraft to Ukraine.

The A-10 has been used in Iraq and Afghanistan to support troops in combat. The Air Force pilots slowly flew the attack aircraft over the area and then opened fire on the rebel fighters.

War in Ukraine: current data

Russia has focused on the capture of Donbass. The enemy has failed most of the assaults, but  is preparing for a new attack in the Donetsk direction . Fighting continues in the area of ​​Sands, New York and Marinka.

The invaders had  partial success in the Nikolaev direction  – they occupied the southern outskirts of Blagodatny.

Three enemy carriers of sea-based cruise missiles are in readiness for the use of high-precision weapons.

Yesterday, in the occupied Crimea, the Russian air defense system worked throughout the day. UAVs of unknown origin were allegedly shot down in the sky over the peninsula.

The desire of the Russian Federation to strengthen the defense of the occupied Crimea  will divert their forces from the front line, analysts from the Institute for the Study of War say.

On August 20, Russia launched another strike on Nikolaev,  hitting a civilian high-rise building.  Many victims.

Due to losses and the inability to announce mobilization in Russia, the command of the RF Armed Forces is preparing  another 50 battalions with volunteers  to be sent to Ukraine.


    • They need something like A-10s to properly use HARM missiles. They can rig something with Mig 292, but the missiles are seriously hampered in their utility. Watch this, and you will see what I mean. Theer are other issues they go into as well. Ward is one of the good guys.

  1. What a deadly combination that would be; Ukrainian pilots and A-10s! Add to this mix, the HARMS missiles, and the hunt can begin. If they don’t hurry, however, there won’t be much left for the A-10s to demolish.

  2. Spme on line arm chair experts have critisized the giving Ukraine the A-10. They say Ukraine must have air superiority, is out dated and is a one trick pony( ground attack.)
    Which is particially true but at the same time is rubish.
    1)The UkAF SAMs and fighters have local air superiority where they need it. The RuAF does not come out to play where Ukraine SAM are . This will only improve when they get their NASMAS operational and Ukraine gets more HARM missiles.
    2) Designed in the 70s the A-10 is old but all of the participents in the war are all old. Russia’s supposedly modern Su-30 somethings are all just updated Su-27s. Even briging in F-16s and 15 will be modernized but still old designes. The A-10 may be old but it’s purpose built design is perfectly adapted to it mission.
    3) Yes, the plane is only intended for ground attack but at this point in the war the UkAFs main role is grounf attack. It’s is slow but very manuverable which works well with the UkAFs ultra low level tactics. The Warthog is very survivable with titanium armor and redundant controls. It can Use it’s GAU-8 main gun or radio controled Maverick missiles to stand off up to 11 miles and attack. It can crrry 16,000 lbs of ordinance caompared to 9,000 for the Su-25.
    Right now the A-10 is one of the best choices for Ukraine.

  3. A10 way better than soviet Frogfoot already in use and sounds like willing pilots are eager to wield them against the orcs. It’s out now also that migs have been modified to carry agm 88s. Maybe that’s what took so long on Slavic transfer. I still want to see F-15s and F-16s provided by U.S. however, as well as M1 A1s and or M1 A2s.

  4. I am also among the haters: I love the A-10, but it isn’t the first aircraft I would like to see in Ukrainian service. I think they first need a weapon more suitable to defend the airspace and conduct precision strikes. And no, the A-10 is not among the most precise aircraft and also is not suitable for use in contested airspace.

    And the airspace in the Donbas or Crimea is undoubtedly contested.
    I mostly think they will get the A-10 because the U.S. Air Force really wants to get rid of them, but the Congress always forbids them to retire these aircraft.

    I think at this point F-16 and F-15’s are the most needed, as they can fulfil any role the A-10 can while they can be used in contested airspace and also to intercept Russian jets. Also F-16’s are more desirable because of interoperability with European countries, for example when missiles, spare parts and training are needed. The A-10 is a platform that is at the end of its lifetime, of which there are a limited number of airframes available and of which no production line exists anymore. So it is not a great option for the long term.

    However, I will take back all my words if Ukraine will get both. If they will get supersonic jets to defend the air space and conduct precision strikes and have the A-10 for Close Air Support, I am a very happy and grateful Bert. I think they would go really nicely together with the Su-25 which Ukraine uses a lot.

    I guess one of the reasons they might get them is because A-10’s are a lot easier to fly than F-16’s and are probably easier to maintain because they are fairly simple. This way they don’t have to wait this long to for the first time since 1991 grow the Ukrainian Air Force.

  5. Imagine brrrrrt and knowing that orcs are being ripped apart.
    I am expecting 8K 120 fps footage, probably also Dolby Atmos.

    Also they should be equipped with a zoom so we can see the cheeki breeki happening on the ground really clearly.

    I am also looking forward to a VR version of the footage.

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