Germany will give Ukraine hundreds of high-precision Vulcano projectiles

It is not yet known what type of Vulcano the APU will receive.

Possible Vulcano calibers - 76, 127 and 155 mm / photo:
Possible Vulcano calibers – 76, 127 and 155 mm / photo:

Germany , together with the EU, purchased for Ukraine high-precision Vulcano projectiles that can destroy targets at a distance of up to 80 kilometers.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine will receive 225 such shells. This is stated in the statement of the Federal Government of the country on the joint purchase of ammunition with the EU.

Possible Vulcano calibers are 76, 127 and 155 mm, the effective firing range is 60-100 km, but it is not yet known what type of Vulcano Ukraine will receive.

“For security reasons, the federal government refrains from providing detailed information about the methods and dates of transport until the moment of transfer,” the German federal government also said in a statement.

The accuracy of hitting such a projectile is achieved thanks to the INS / GPS aiming system and a semi-active laser guidance system. It works at the last stage and gives an additional opportunity to hit moving targets.

Recall, German Chancellor Scholz answered whether Ukraine can strike at Crimea with Western weapons.

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  1. Maybe these things are already in Ukraine. Seeing the fear that permeates Western capitals, it wouldn’t surprise me (keeping things secret until they’re in Ukraine). Anyhow, Ukraine can use such types of ammo very good. They put them to good use, too, as we’ve seen. Just keep them coming!

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