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Aug 19

Remember the story of the “People’s Bayraktar”? For three days, Ukrainians fundraised UAH 600 million (over $16 million) which allowed the Prytula Charity Foundation to purchase four Bayraktars TB2 for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

✈️ Hovewer, the Baykar company, producing aerial vehicles for the military needs, decided to grant three items for free. Well, it opened a new opportunity for the foundation to provide the army with other necessary equipment.

Today the Prytula Foundation made it public — they bought a satellite! To be precise, signed the deal which gives the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine full access to all the systems and full capabilities for one of ICEYE’s satellites already in orbit over the region.

This is the first picture made with the satellite. Here is a hint — #CrimeaIsUkraine 🤪

📷 Благодійний Фонд Сергія Притули/Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation


  1. That’s cool!
    But, I wonder why they did this. I thought they had up-to-the-minute information from US spy satellites. Nothing gives better detailed images than a US spy satellite.
    The bridge in the image is, of course, the Kerch bridge.

      • There is thought to be $12 trillion of mineral deposits under Ukrainian soil.
        Could a deal be done with Zel on the lines of : we need to finish this war now, for the sake of our children. Allies: help us now WITHOUT RESTRICTIONS. Gloves off, smash them.
        In return, you will get a percentage of the revenue. You can win the war, neutralise nazi RuZZia for a generation; hopefully forever and still turn in a profit!

      • That could be. I recon that there’s got to be some sort of advantage, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. We’ll see if they can spot more orc ammo and fuel dumps and command posts.

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