From FB page; The Heartbeat of Ukraine

Aug 19, 2022

Something big is happening now. It is reported of multiple explosions in

  1. Sevastopil military air base Belbek
  2. Nova Kahovka – bridge
  3. Belgorod (ammunition depot)

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Himars))))

Comments :

Hugo Pyrenees: “Large Wagner group field HQ got smacked, so far it looks like a pretty good body count.”

Jerry Owen: “So looking forward to Sat. Pics .
Just looked on Google maps the last pic showed around 50 jets spread out on the hard standings.”

Stephen Hoffman; Stand With Ukraine: “A Russian munitions depot near Timonovo, Belgorod Oblast, inside Russia, has gone up in flames tonight

Stored MLRS rockets and other ammunition can be seen “cooking off” in the heat of the fire in one of the videos.

There are two Russian military facilities in the area of the fire – a few hundred metres apart. Both have large numbers of military vehicles parked closely together. The northmost base (picture to the left) seems to have large numbers of ammunition crates visible too.

Must be another careless smoker incident…”


  1. I wonder if the US is getting any HIMARS orders? Too bad they can’t order Ukrainian Operators …
    Ukraine should be a good testing ground for modern weapons. Hell if we’re honest, they are designed to kill Moskali so let’s just do it.

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