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Aug 19

No child is born a racist, fascist or even a rashist, no such genes exist. Those warped mind-sets have to be programmed-in. This desperately sad picture is a reminder that indoctrination begins at a very young age, in the home and by the society that we are raised in.
In russia for example, the masses can only see state TV which feeds them a continual flow of lies, propaganda and embedded subliminal messages*. The education system, as this picture highlights, ingrains that warped view of the world. This is an extremely powerful combination which has a brain-washing and mind-programming effect.
This picture epitomises a terrorist state that has created a production-line of cannon-fodder. In russian schools today, the 19th of August 2022, they are already programming children like, these fifteen years ahead of requirement.
Statistically, at their age, many psychological factors are being embedded that will stick with them for life. I can tell you from experience that when you put on a military uniform and hold a gun, as these children have, you feel powerful. As children they are powerless, and they will live in a society where the general population has no power, but they will always remember the feeling of power that the gun and uniform gave them.
This picture highlights why the removal of Putin and the current regime will only temporarily address the problem, because the russian society in general, is FUBAR.
Some people are in denial about this terrible truth because it takes courage to see it for what it is. If you think that the removal of Putin would solve the whole problem, look at this picture again. The psyche of the russian people has been programmed for malevolence. How else could they have invaded this many times:
Ukraine 1918 + 2014 +2022
Poland 1920 + 1939
Azerbaijan 1920 +1988 +1990
Georgia 1921+ 1989 + 1992 + 2008
Finland 1939
Romania 1940
Estonia 1940
Latvia 1940
Lithuania 1940 + 1991
North Korea 1950
Hungary 1956
Czechoslovakia 1968
Angola 1975
Ethiopia 1977
Afghanistan 1979
Moldova 1992
This list is not exhaustive.
russia must be crushed economically & militarily and fragment into a series of independent states, or the list above will just keep getting longer and longer.
*A subliminal message is embedded within other forms of communication. It is pitched outside normal limits of human auditory or visual perception. It is not perceived by the conscious mind and bypasses almost all of the brain’s filtering ability to assess information.


  1. Spot on again Shaun:
    “This picture highlights why the removal of Putin and the current regime will only temporarily address the problem, because the russian society in general, is FUBAR.”
    If you have been in the services, you will be familiar with that term. If you haven’t, it’s very similar to SNAFU!

  2. The pic is funny. Toy Ar-15s for all the kiddies. I’m sure the Red “Army” would like to so good a weapon.

  3. The education system of Russia collapsed back in the 80s and has never recovered. Russia is still running on the technically educated people they produced before that, and the end will appear soon as those people are simply dropping like flies.

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