GOOD GERMAN PEOPLE: Bitte sortieren Sie Olaf Scholz aus.

From the LinkedIn page of Shaun Topham. Aug 18, 2022.

GOOD GERMAN PEOPLE: Bitte sortieren Sie Olaf Scholz aus.
I first posted this graphic four months ago when Chancellor Sholz had severely procrastinated over delivering heavy weapons to Ukraine.
Eventually he was made to realise that he had been completely wrong.
Now he has directly contradicted President Zelensky over banning visas for almost all russians.
He is not only in direct disagreement with President Zelensky, but also most of NATO, some of whom have already started to severely restrict russian visas. (My post about that yesterday has been removed by the L.I police, so ‘Thank You’ to everyone who shared it quickly because that meant it reached tens of thousands of people first)
What is it with Scholz? Is he poorly informed, incompetent or compromised. I would especially appreciate input from good German people because he is damaging the German ‘brand’ of high-quality and robust reliability. Of course ex-Chancellor Schroeder isn’t helping either.
Will Scholz have to admit again in two months that he was wrong yet again? He’s a year older than me so I wonder if he (and the rest of us) would be better off if he retired.
We, Ukraine’s allies, need you to be the high-quality Germany we have come to expect, so come on! Please speak-out.

ukraine #germany

Shaun comments on his own post :

Oh, the Trolls are out early this morning. This visa issue must have great significance. They want to differentiate between the russian people and the russian regime, nice try, but we are not buying that inane lie.


  1. There are some good German people. But none of them are in the SPD or CDU. Scholz has proven himself to be a duplicitous bastard, like his vile predecessor.
    German treatment of Ukrainian refugees has been a bit mixed. Many are forced to live in hostels with degenerates from rape cultures as backward and savage as putlerstan; not what they need at this time.
    The krauts also issued a detailed list of instructions in Ukrainian for refugees. I wish I could locate it; it reads like something written by John Cleese. It says crazy stuff like “you should refrain from demanding a flat with a sea view” and “you should not insist on being within walking distance of a beauty salon; German people won’t understand you” and other such insulting krautkrapp.

    • Apart from your comment on degenerates I am totally with you.

      I don’t think the “degenerate” that cut my hair last week was this degenerate.
      He is more outspoken against authoritarian regimes and Islam than any of us here is, as he can still remember the gas that Saddam Hussain dropped on the village he was born, but he survived. And he chose to come back to fight IS risking his own safe life. If there is one guy that would stand up for Western values, it is him. I think no Ukrainian would mind sharing a hostel with him, as he knows what they had to go through.

      I do hate it when Ukrainians are being treated as people that are less smart, I think they are nothing short of amazing. One example is the conditions the U.S. gives to the Ukrainians when they are getting weapons. Ukrainians aren’t fools, they are probably one of the most responsible and innovative people there are on this planet. I also hate that Western media still distrust any information that comes from Ukrainians, although it is not as bad as between 2014 – 2022 when they weren’t taken seriously at all.

      And to be fair, if I can think of any people that deserve a flat with sea view (not that Germany has a beautiful coastline, on the contrary) and a beauty salon nearby (not that Ukrainian women need that, nature has given them more then enough beauty), the first that will pop up in my mind are Ukrainians.

      They have always been abused by both the East and the West and they are those that are protecting Western civilization against Russian savages. Morally I think they deserve the best apartments and mansions that Germany has, especially because the Germans have been filling their pockets at the expense of Ukrainian lives for almost 2 decades.

      • You have a nasty habit of twisting my words. A common trait of the left. If you read my comments over the years you will see that I am very pro-Kurds, very pro-Tatars and even pro-Chechens, excluding of course the verminous Khadirovites.
        When I refer to degenerates, I refer specifically to putinazis and the illegal immigrants from rape culture countries that have made life for British, Swedish and German women, girls and young boys very unpleasant and hazardous.
        You can even see the quotes of the defence lawyers who state in mitigation that “in my client’s country, such behaviour (rape of women and girls) is normal and not illegal.”

        • I am not twisting your words, as I do consider Iraq and Syria among the most terrible countries. If I had a daughter I would have done everything to prevent her from even going there, even in peacetime.

          In fact, I am a liberal and when I am honest, I do hate everything about basically all Middle-Eastern, North-African and I also wasn’t happy my family only took me to Turkey on holidays, as I felt treated like a walking wallet and the women that were with us as some whores.

          So no, I am by no means willing to take over some of their cultures, as Muslims often have the complete opposites of my values. They can stick their arranged marriages, homophobia, toxic masculinity and disrespect towards women somewhere where the sun does not shine.

          But guess what: who do you think are mostly among those that flee? Those that are highly educated, had a proper job before and reject the practices of their rapist governments like Assad.

          Basically the same as Ukrainians. What we see coming to Europe is mostly the elite. Most common Ukrainians do not have a car or the means to get out, nor a place to live. There are a lot of Ukrainian refugees in my city and they have the most expensive cars you could find on the street.

          I do think they have to share the hostels with people with similar experiences. Most “degenerates” either lack money to come here or have no desire to do so as they were made to believe the West is evil.

          Why would you give up all your money, your house and all of your belongings and risk a 25% chance of dying on your way to live in a place that propaganda told you your entire life that the West is evil, haram and hostile to Muslims? You only do that if you had the opportunity to look past the propaganda and prefer Western values.

          I know they exist, but I have yet to meet the first Syrian that is actually a Muslim. I did meet dozens of them (in a church?) and had beers with them, both men and women. The same about Iranians. The Afghans I know is a couple that are here for less than 15 years, that both employ people, one of which is my mum as he is a doctor.

          Yes, I do think there are a lot of criminals and rapist from Muslim countries you have mentioned, but they are here since the 1960’s, as then the lowest educated and poorest people came to the West, that weren’t even required to learn the language and after that their children never learned to adjust and weren’t exposed to Western media and values.

          I dare to bet that among those that are now in the hostels along with Ukrainians, rapists among them are rare (even though you have them among any group). I would rather expect them to become friends as no Dutchman or Englishman will ever understand what they had to go through, while a Syrian can as he had to endure aggression by the same dwarf.

  2. Except for VERY few exceptions, the Germans have had deplorably bad politicians. The last three chancellors rank among the worst. So, it’s useless to ask the Germans to replace this sack of crap. They are used to being ruled by garbage, and they seem to enjoy it. The best thing real democrats and champions of human rights can do is to boycott overpriced German products. This will hit them where it hurts the most.

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