Vessels of the Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company will receive Ukrainian names instead of Russian ones   

The Ukrainian Danube Shipping Company is starting a fleet renaming campaign.

Ships that have Russian proper names and are named after Russian cities or Soviet heroes will be renamed, said the so-called at. general director of the state company Dmytro Moskalenko.

“Tugs and ships were most often named after the cities of the Soviet Union. Or Soviet heroes and political figures were “commemorated” with their names. From the beginning of the war, I raised the issue of renaming the fleet. We were supported by the leadership of the Ministry of Infrastructure. No more mentions of the cities of the terrorist country of the Russian Federation, no Komsomol, red partisans, etc.,” Moskalenko is quoted as saying by the Center for Transport Strategies .

“Currently, our shipping industry has more than 100 ships that have their own names. Technically, the re-registration procedure is quite difficult and expensive. But we are starting this process. UDP vessels are getting new Ukrainian names,” he added.

According to the head of the UDP, shipping workers can join the vision of a new “naming” of the fleet and offer their ideas regarding new vessel names.



  1. I’m surprised this wasn’t done years ago, but better late than never.

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