Ukrainian Nuclear Operator Accuses Russians Hackers Of Attacking Its Website

August 17, 2022 – RFE/RL

Energoatom is central to the current concerns around Zaporizhzhya and Ukrainian and international efforts to safeguard against a nuclear disaster at the facility.
Energoatom is central to the current concerns around Zaporizhzhya and Ukrainian and international efforts to safeguard against a nuclear disaster at the facility.

Ukrainian state nuclear operator Energoatom said on August 16 that Russian-based hackers unleashed an hours-long attack on its website but said major problems had been avoided.

It blamed the attack on what it said was a Russian group called “narodnaya kiberarmya,” or “popular cyberarmy.”

Russian troops launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in late February, after eight years of “hybrid warfare” that included disinformation and hacks, in addition to backing for armed separatists in eastern Ukraine following the occupation and annexation of Crimea in 2014.

Energoatom has been dragged into the conflict since the early days as Russian troops occupied the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant and other nuclear facilities.

“The Russians have launched an unprecedented cyberattack on the official website of Energoatom,” the company said on its Facebook page.

It called the attack “the most powerful hacking attack” on its site since the invasion started.

It said the Russian group employed “7.25 million bot users who simulated hundreds of million views of the company’s homepage for three hours.”

But it said the operations of the site were not “significantly” affected and users were unaware of the attempted disruption.

Energoatom is central to the current concerns around Zaporizhzhya and Ukrainian and international efforts to safeguard against a nuclear disaster at the facility, including through efforts to allow International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) experts to visit the site. The plant has been controlled by Russian forces since March.


  1. The invaders claim it is Ukraine that wants to use the nuclear weapon against Ukrainians, and it is Ukraine that is shelling the NPP trying to kill Ukrainians and now it is the invaders hacking the Ukrainian NPP so who will they blame for this? Will the stooges in the media continue to print ruZZian propaganda? Will the UN/IAEA and OSCE continue to blame both sides?

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    • Well this is pure terror of course from the putinazi murder gang.
      There are several ways to stop this:
      1/ total Ukraine victory: allies get your asses in gear.
      2/ crushing sanctions that are actually easy enough to expedite; it just needs decision-makers with integrity. Total ban on all RuZZians entering Europe and North America. All putlerites on those territories to lose all their assets and be deported.
      3/ total trade* and diplomatic relations embargo on RuZZia by The Five Eyes, Poland, Ukraine, Pribaltika, Japan and any other country with integrity; oops, can’t think of one at present.
      *Even now, blue chip US companies like Mars and many others are still trading in putlerstan, plus shit bag companies like Nestle (Switzerland), Danone (France) etc etc. These countries must be forced to pay a genocide tax of 100% of their profits in RuZZia and 10% of their profits in other markets.

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      • Check this out:

        Pribaltika (Прибалтика) is a Russian term, that when translated literally means „ by the Baltic Sea“. Although that term is not used for all of the countries by the Baltic Sea. For example, Sweden or Germany have never been referred to as Pribaltika – this is reserved for areas that have at one time been part of Russia or the Soviet Union.

        Its from a website in….Pribaltika

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        • It’s a common word used by people in Ukraine, Russia, Poland, the Czechlands to specifically describe Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
As far as I know it has no political implications. If it turns out that it does, I will not use it any more.
I might add that it is actually my opinion that all three should unite into one entity, to make them stronger, eg The United Republic of Pribaltika! Puker would not like it!
I also think that Hungary should be kicked out of Visegrad and replaced with Ukraine and Pribaltika!
But then I think Hungary should be kicked out of everything and sanctioned to shit!

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          • According to that Estonian disinformation site it is an insult to the Baltic countries and they don’t like it because it reminds them of Soviet occupation. Kind of like saying, “THE Ukraine.” Besides, most people think of all three when you just say Baltics. About Hungary, I agree, and I hope they eventually come around like Serbia appears to be…after watching their heroes get slaughtered in Ukraine. Some people simply need to be forced to accept the truth.

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