Russians Present A Combat Robot of Own Development, But It Was Purchased On AliExpress. Lifehack: How to Disable It

Multi-purpose ninja suit was supposed to hide russia’s truth, and inspire horror, but made Ukraine’s military laugh

During the “Army-2022” forum, the russians presented a military “robot-dog”, which was named the M-81. At the exhibition, this “combat robot” posed with a single-use RPG-26 grenade launcher, which has a mass of 3 kg, the portal The Drive reports.

Social media users have already recognized that russia’s M-81 robot is too similar to the Chinese “robot-dog” UnitreeYushuTechnologyDog from Unitree Robotics, which can be bought for $2,700 (or more) on AliExpress.

No information was provided regarding electronic warfare resistance of the M-81 or how it will fire from a grenade launcher, and whether it will even be able to withstand the recoil of an RPG-26.

And that’s a shame. As there’s already appeared recipes on the Internet how to disable this RPG-mounted “robot-dog”.

There are other positive aspects to this story. For example, the developers stated that the M-81 “robot-dog” will also be able to conduct reconnaissance or deliver small cargo to the positions of the russia’s troops.

And so it turns out that representatives of the defense industry are already offering the russian army to deal with the fact that soon their armed forces will literally be pressed to the ground with 155 mm caliber. Accordingly, you need to take another “wonder weapon”, even if it is stolen on AliExpress.


    • Denys and his mate Operator Starsky, are stars. But there is nothing funny about putlerstan. Evil, rotten to the core and very, very dangerous.
      We can all have a laugh once this vile nazi shithole has been neutralized.

  1. I looked at the videos from the Chinese manufacturer, and the robot seems to be able to carry a runner’s water bottle or even a couple of items home from the grocery store. not exactly a useful military weapon.

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