Mykhailo Podolyak, Zelensky’s advisor


Aug 17

💬 Mykhailo Podolyak, Zelensky’s adviser:

🟠 Russia has kind of taught everybody that a counteroffensive requires huge amounts of manpower like a giant fist and just go in one direction, but a Ukrainian counteroffensive looks very different.

🟠 Ukraine won’t use the tactics of the 60s and 70s, of the last century.

🟠 Ukraine hopes to degrade the invaders’ strength through a lack of supplies and lack of ammunition that will make Russians fight like they did on the first months of the war.

🟠 Russian ears only open up when there is a giant military bat hitting the Russian head.


Vitaly Kim, Governor of Mykolaiv, reports today:

❗️Information on enemy shelling in the Mykolaiv region over the past 24 hours, as of 08:00 am on August 17

🔹M. Mykolaiv:

According to the information of OK “South” overnight, August 16, the enemy struck the port infrastructure of Nikolaev with jet shells from the Smerch battle fire system. With no human casualties.

Around 02:00, August 17, Russian occupants once again fired at Nikolaev with C-300 rockets. It is known about hitting civilian objects, including čnu named p. Graves and one of the businesses of the city. Private homes have also been damaged. Preliminary without casualties and casualties. Further details are being clarified.

🔹 Mykolaiv district:

Yesterday, August 16, at approximately 09:30 a.m. as a result of enemy shelling of the Pervomaisk village of Pervomaisk community, a catering establishment was destroyed. There are no casualties.

Also, on August 16 at 17:45, there were recorded enemy shelling in the village. Dmitrivka of the Kutsurub community. The hits were mostly in the open area. There are no casualties.

🔹 Bashtansky District:

Yesterday, August 16, at around 16:30 and 17:30 and at night, August 17, at approximately 01:00 shelling occurred. The broad of the Shirokiv community. The hits were on the farm buildings and the road. There are no casualties.

Shelling continues on the territory and surrounding settlements of the Berezneguvatsʹkoí ват community. Information on victims and damage is being clarified.

🔹 In the voznesensʹkomu and pervomajsʹkomu areas, day and night passed relatively calm.

According to the information of the district military administrations and the gu dsns of Ukraine in mykolaiv region.


Why are the putinazis still being allowed to destroy this vital port? Clearly its air defences are inferior to those of Kyiv. The defence of this city must be prioritized.


  1. Looking like NASAMS or similar platform is required for defending against C-300. I wish west would quit screwing around and provide NATO aircraft in large quantities. I read on here recently that planes are only available for 1 in 5 pilots in the UAF.

  2. Well, soon, the mafiosi will run out of S-300s, then what? Will it use S-400s? The cockroaches are trying to destroy whatever they can before they run out of ammo. If Ukraine had enough HIMARS, this nonsense would be put to an end soon enough.

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