Invaders’ base destroyed in Nova Kakhovka


The Armed Forces of Ukraine have destroyed the base of Russian invaders in occupied Nova Kakhovka in the Kherson region.

Source: Strategic Communications Centre of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and State Border Guard Service of Ukraine on Telegram

Quote from StratCom: “According to preliminary information, this is a video confirmation of the accurate “smoking in an unidentified place”, which is located in Nova Kakhovka.”

Details: It is reported that at least 12 invaders were killed, and the equipment was destroyed. 

StratCom have also published a video taken by the invaders, in which one of the Russian soldiers says that “aimed well to hit our positions.”

В Новій Каховці знищили базу окупантів. Відео з Telegram-каналу СтратКому ЗСУ

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— Українська правда ✌ (@ukrpravda_news) August 17, 2022


    • That’s on the left bank near the 2nd destroyed bridge up river from Kherson. Looks like we are still hunting the cockroach commanders. They aren’t safe on either side now so they’re screwed.

      • A smart leader would retreat his forces somewhere safer like Russia. Except in the case of Muscovy, the leaders retreat, leaving the orcs to get annihilated.

  1. Lol! Nova Kakhovka has been taking quite a beating from UA forces. Giving the cockroaches a heavy dose of their own medicine.

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