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Aug 16

To turn the clocks back to 1945 -1960 and renegotiate.

No Berlin airlift it may antagonise and escalate
No NATO Protection it may antagonise and escalate
Lets talk peace the invader is trust worthy
No threat of military as its expensive
No limitations on cross border because everyone is just a happy tourist
Lets just sit round the table and discuss this like gentlemen like humanist.
We shall consider the invader and victims equally
We shall consider economics before morality.
No financial or military support from the USA and UK from 1945 onwards..

NOW: I wonder what the outcome would have been
Would anyone like to hazard a guess ???


Another post from Daniel yesterday:

We hold their lives in our hands: They do not deserve our betrayal,

It is planned that the men, and women, the heroes of Azovstal the POWS held by the horde are to be tried and executed by the terrorist nation of invaders on the 24th of Aug,

They are only sons, fathers daughters brothers who did nothing but defended their nation, their families, their freedom and the freedom of all Europe.

We owe them our help please contact everyone possible to ask their help to protect and free them.

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  1. Mafia land is a fascist crime syndicate, and as such, it commits crimes continuously. What they’re doing with POWs is a war crime, but only one of countless. The basic silence of the world community about this is despicable.

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