An explosion rang out in the centre of Melitopol near the commandant’s office of the occupiers – the mayor


Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov said that an explosion occurred in the city center near the commandant’s office of the invaders.

Source: Fedorov on Telegram

Fedorov’s quote:”a strong explosion occurred near the enemy’s lair in the center of Melitopol.”

Details: the mayor of the city specified that one of the commandant’s offices of the invaders is located in this place. There are no details about the explosion yet.

Background: on 16 August, Fedorov reported explosions near the substation. After that, the broadcasting of terrestrial television captured by the invaders stopped.


  1. Let’s hope that the explosion brought some concrete results! If not, that’s okay too. It rattled the cockroaches again, and this is also good.

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