What awaits the invaders after the surrender in Kherson: forecast announced

Zhdanov says that this event will radically change the situation on the front line.

Zhdanov said why Ukraine needs captured invaders / screenshot
Zhdanov said why Ukraine needs captured invaders / screenshot

If the Russian group, which is now in occupied Kherson , surrenders in full strength, it will replenish the exchange fund. In the future, this will allow the release of Ukrainian defenders from Russian captivity.

This opinion was expressed by military expert Oleg Zhdanov.

“It will radically change the situation on the front line if the group surrenders. There will be no shock for us. The Red Cross will immediately be here, representatives of the investigative bodies of our partner countries, who will help to conduct operational and investigative actions, document all crimes. most likely, there will be an exchange for our guys. As soon as the servicemen who committed crimes are identified, they will be tried by an international military tribunal. There will be no internal lynching,” the expert assured.

According to Zhdanov, in respect of those Russians who have not committed crimes, a decision will be made to transfer them to their homeland.

“This is precisely the goal of eliminating the grouping on the right bank of the Dnieper. This is the third part of the front. If we liquidate the third part of the front in this way, then the entire defense of the Russian troops will crumble further. Especially where regular units are stationed. For the Russian Federation, this will be a complete collapse.” , – says Zhdanov.

Earlier, military expert Alexander Musienko stated that the Russian invaders in the right-bank Kherson region were trapped .

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  1. The Crimea is already collapsing. If word about it gets to the cockroaches on the front lines, many more will desert or surrender as ever before.

  2. To be honest I don’t want them to be exchanged.

    There are about 20.000 soldiers stuck on the left bank of the Dnipro River.

    It is a significant part of what is left of the Russian army. I prefer them to be disabled rather than be exchanged.

    I don’t think Ukraine should waste an opportunity to finish off 20.000 soldiers.

    Yes, we need to get our guys back. But this would mean a huge step to end the war, so that has priority.

    I think the war will end when Russia will be out of soldiers. I think soon there will be a perfect storm once the Russian economy collapses and there will be so many Russian people missing that it cannot go unnoticed regardless of what the Russian media says.

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