Ukrainian rocket scientists named the most powerful weapon that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have today

We are talking about the “Point U” complex.

Tochka U missile system / video screenshot
Tochka U missile system / video screenshot

The most powerful weapon that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have today is “Tochka U”. She is famous for her power and can hit targets at a long distance.

This was told in an interview to the TSN website by military commanders with the call signs “Dynamo” and “Clover”, who make “claps” in different sectors of the front in Ukraine.

According to the military, this complex can “reach out” to the enemy at a distance of up to 120 km.PlayUnmute

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“We do not work on small targets or on targets that can be hit by artillery and drones. Many have written off Tochka U. Yes, this is not a modern weapon, but it is an effective weapon. It is Tochka U that ensures the destruction of the enemy’s logistics networks. When several trains go downhill in a day or a week. At the front, this is displayed immediately,” Dynamo and Clover comment.

They clarified that this missile is ballistic and flies along a trajectory with the ability to control.

“If the weather conditions are removed from the trajectory, it is controlled with the help of its flight rudders, returns to its trajectory, and due to this, the missile can accurately hit the target. It’s not for nothing that this weapon is called a point. It really hits the point!”, – say the military.

The minimum flight range is 20 km, this distance the rocket flies for 55 seconds. The maximum of 120 km flies in 4 minutes 24 seconds.

The fighters also said that the Russian invaders failed to destroy the Ukrainian positions of Tochka U on February 24, since the place of deployment was changed in advance.

“Ammunition depots, fuel and lubricant depots, take-off servants – all this is the work of“ Point U ”.

Earlier, military expert Oleg Zhdanov told what types of weapons Ukraine needs to change the course of the war and knock out the invaders .

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